Eintracht Frankfurt: The three from the gas station

Eintracht Frankfurt: The three from the gas station

Frankfurt CEO Fredi Bobic has used the experience of his past as a striker to install an exciting attack trio.

Luka Jovic scored five goals in a recent 7-1 victory over Frankfurt's Fortuna Dusseldorf, scoring in the 27th, 34th, 55th, 69th and 72nd minutes. Later, in the crew cabin, he hoped for another sense of achievement, in which case he would have been content with an assist. It was really a nice template, which he pushed over there in the cabin flight: And, how was I ?, Jovic asked the sports director Fredi Bobic. The former striker left this template as dry as he used the templates earlier as a pro: Why are you scoring five goals today ?, Bobic asked, appropriately, "would rather have made two of them against Ulm."

Those who do not know anymore: In the DFB Cup the Frankfurt were eliminated a few weeks earlier at the regional league SSV Ulm 1846, 1: 2. Jovic goals: zero. His assassin Sebastian Haller: also no hit. And apologized was at least Ante Rebic, the third Frankfurt attacker. He was missing injured.

A week ago, when Eintracht won 3-0 in Stuttgart, it was as big a topic as it is now, five days later, after the 3-2 victory at Apollon Limassol, which gave the Frankfurters a premature entry into the knockout stages . Round of the Europa League guarantees: that since a normal Bundesliga club has three strikers of the sort that would make happy as a single copy every other normal Bundesliga club happy. Yes, Eintracht have three strikers, 18 from the 23 Bundesliga teams – Frenchman Sébastien Haller, 24, Croatian Ante Rebic, 25, and Luka Jovic, 20, in the squad – Haller and Jovic seven each, Rebic four , But that's not the whole story.

In Utrecht, Haller scored two goals for goal without anyone noticing

Throughout history there is still a fourth striker, the Schwabe Fredi Bobic, 47, who, as one must concede, has not scored any of the Frankfurt goals, according to official count anyway. Unofficially, however, he was involved in all.

"I used to be a striker myself and that's why I always make sure in my teams that we have good strikers in the squad," says Bobic. When he was still running the business at VfB Stuttgart, he has always defended striker Vedad Ibisevic, "a team just feels safer, if it knows, there is one in front, who in case of doubt makes the goal."

The debates that the center forward is supposedly dead have always irritated Bobic, "the center forward will never die out," he says, "that's for me." Of course, Bobic noticed that in the junior centers for a long time "was looking down to the U 15 teams down the wrong Nine," and the twelve- or fourteen-year-old, who came along a bit lanky or woody, they have often not promoted so ". These types of players, Bobic says, have "maybe not fit into the profile".

So it comes that the national coach Jogi Löw has now ordered again a squad, are in the highly flexible and possibly highly gifted intermediary, but no more classic striker. "Just like Sebastien, Germany could do with it," says Bobic.

Haller, 1.90 meters tall, is a lanky, although not woody player, the one you see a certain elegance in the ball treatment only on the two and a half views. It was Frankfurt and Fredi Bobics luck that many German first division have thrown at most two-quarter views over to the Dutch Utrecht, where Haller has spent two years largely unencumbered by the German neighbor market goal after goal, 41 in 82 games. Bobic says he recognized this player early on, for a year the Frankfurters wooed him and flattered him, and when he volunteered for the Cup semi-final against Mönchengladbach a year and a half ago, they first got the feeling that this was going to happen them and this secret center forward.

Bobic recalls with considerable amusement how he was seen in the stands at the time with Haller, "people did not know who that was". Today, the people know that this secret man with seven goals leads the Bundesliga scorers list, together with the Dortmund Alcácer, the Gladbacher Hazard and teammate Jovic. Robert Lewandowski comes only two goals later.

Fredi Bobic, once part of the legendary Magic triangle at VfB Stuttgart, has now even built a mini-triangle in Frankfurt, even if he does not like such historical excesses of course very much. Last weekend, when he was 3: 0 in his old home town of Stuttgart, Bobic and his grin rushed through the mixed zone extra quickly, so that he is not constantly asked for comparisons with the past at the historic Magical Triangle. Haller, Rebic and Jovic had frantically played VfB apart and scrounged them apart, each in his own way.

"The good thing is that all three can play together like in Stuttgart," says Bobic. In Stuttgart Haller was the present ball magnet in the center, the massive Rebic came with pace from the backcourt, and the technically outstanding Jovic emerged, slightly laterally posted, always exactly where no one expected him, certainly no Stuttgarter. "But even if we play with two strikers, everyone fits in with everyone," says Bobic, "our coach has ideal variations."

For example, the offensive player on the sports board Bobic basically chose the new coach as well, the Austrian Adi Hütter is considered an offensive coach, "who prefers to play with more than one striker". In Frankfurt, Hütter usually brings two of his three strikers from the start, one then remains on the bench, as Rebic last in Limassol. But Rebic is now rested on Sunday against Schalke start, "we have to look that we find only two days break gas stations to refuel," says Hütter.

So far, the coach has been able to rely on his three from the gas station, but in Frankfurt they know that they should rather enjoy this state. Europe's top clubs have the three now in view, the grandstand is constantly full of scouts, unfortunately on days when Jovic scored five goals against Dusseldorf.


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