"Nobody has talked to me even a word": After the failed NHL adventure gives national player Yasin Ehliz his debut for the German champion.

The EHC Red Bull Munich has published in the past few days a lot of content related to North America. A delegation of the German ice hockey champion visited Dominik Kahun and Brooks Macek, who left Munich in the summer to realize their NHL dream. Kahun has already done so, playing in the Chicago Blackhawks since the start of the season in one of the first rows. Big names like Patrick Kane, whom he knew only a few months ago from the game console, are now his cabin neighbors. Macek is not in the NHL yet, but on the way to it. After being sent to the AHL before the start of the season by the Las Vegas Golden Knights, the attacker plays in the Chicago Wolves, scoring an impressive 14 goals and assists in 14 games. Macek hopes Las Vegas will "take a closer look" with these stats. Munich is past for Kahun and Macek. For Yasin Ehliz Munich is present and future.

On Monday, the national player was the first time with a large part of his new teammates on the ice, on Thursday he celebrates in the away game at the Schwenninger Wild Wings his debut in the EHC jersey. He wears this now, as his NHL dream became a nightmare. "There's no such thing as communication, there's no such thing as human warmth, you're just a random, interchangeable number," he told world – and criticized his ex-club, the Calgary Flames, sharply: "Of the Flames, no one told me what they want from me, or what I did not do well, no one talked to me even a word, I wonder also why they signed me. " The professional business in North America is "damn hard: there is only being or not," Ehliz has learned. He was glad to play in his home country again. In Germany, one takes care of the new players, said Ehliz and used in this context the term "paradisiacal".

The excitement over his decision to move to Munich and not go back to Nuremberg, where he had played for almost eight years before his North American time, made sure that his first days in Germany were not necessarily paradisiacal. "It was busy the last days," he says shortly. All the more he enjoys being on the ice again. On Wednesday, after two days break, the Munich international, who unlike Ehliz had participated in the Germany Cup, re-entered the team training. Coach Don Jackson put Ehliz in the same group as John Mitchell, with whom he played in Nuremberg last season, and NHL veteran Matt Stajan in a row of dark blue jerseys.

The dream of North America is still alive. The international hopes for a second chance

For the 25-year-old, it's all about internalizing Jackson's anything but conventional game system. "I've never actually played that way," Ehliz said, so his first goal was "to put the system to good use". Some potential supporters will not be able to help. The missing before the break missing striker Michael Wolf, Trevor Parkes, Mads Christensen, Jason Jaffray and Patrick Hager will also be absent in Schwenningen. Nevertheless, the champion in the Black Forest has the opportunity to win his eighth league game in series.

From such a series, the Wild Wings dare not even dream. The defeated bottom of the table has won only two of his 17 season games in the German Ice Hockey League and will compete against the champions with a new coach: The Briton Paul Thompson is against the Munich for the first time on the band.

Yasin Ehliz will not care who it's against, he just wants one thing: to finally play again. One thing he made clear before his first appearance in the Munich jersey: his dream of the NHL is not over yet, despite the disappointment in Calgary. He firmly believes that "I will once again get an offer and then get the chance to show on the ice what I really can." For now he can show it in Munich.



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