Due to Instagram, Cathy Hummels spoke to Lisa Müller

Due to Instagram, Cathy Hummels spoke to Lisa Müller

Cathy vs. Lisa – the sun goes around the women that Mulm Muller's wife brings to the next round! The woman today Mats Hummels makes an opinion on the Instagram job of Lisa Muller against coach Bayern Niko Kovac (47).
Cathy Hummels (30) said the linear news portal: "I think it's not a place for me to enter my husband's business. It does not interfere with me." Although he had not made clear agreement with his husband, She said: "You're welcome to consult, but we do it privately, behind closed doors".

Cathy Hummels in the evening: "I would like to clarify the headline, because Lisa did not make sure my statement was involved. Yesterday I asked if I would go into my husband's business, I replied. It's all that and now it's misused and the sentence turns unfortunately. To be clear – anyone can do what they like and do not interfere with anything and comment on anything Lisa is a friend and I would not be disclosed publicly. "

Lisa Müller (26) posted a post at 1-1 Munich against Freiburg on Instagram on Saturday, the Kovac showed her husband's side before going on in the 71 minutes of the game. To this end she wrote: "There is more than 70 minutes at the time with inspirational fun." In the case of a post office, later sorry, also out. , The

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