Dortmund against Bayern: 90 minutes of super advertising for the Bundesliga

Dortmund against Bayern: 90 minutes of super advertising for the Bundesliga

The war against the ball is over, the level of the league is getting better. The final proof provides the top game. That only knew one annoying moment: the final whistle.

Comment by Philipp Selldorf

The year has come in the fall, and one can now say something friendly to the world situation: The Bundesliga has become better than it was last year, the war against the ball aka "the game against the ball" is no longer that dominant feature of the league, it is still a switching league, but the teams give the ball more often the honor that it deserves.

The last proof of this gratifying development was made on Saturday night in Dortmund, the summit was on, from Greenland to New Caledonia all looked, and this game between the two most suspected powerful teams in Germany has offered much more than the optimists of it had promised. The encounter between the challenger and the defending champion actually contained only one annoying moment, and that was the final whistle. But you could referee the referee Manuel Gräfe (who could keep the level of the other involved in his inimitably casual way loose) reproached. At some point, even the most beautiful party must be over. "Super advertising for football" called the BVB coach Lucien Favre this game, and so it was.

Suspended woolly milksauce

Manuel Neuer is cool, then too slow. Robert Lewandowski has two suitable answers to the Dortmund whistles. Mats Hummels plays sick. The Bayern in the individual review.

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The Dortmunder were faster, fresher, more poisonous

The Bavarians were a fair loser, they recognized the legitimacy of the Dortmund success, they did not complain and blessed themselves honorably in the defeat. However, they had no choice. The game had come to a logical conclusion, the Bavarians with all their strength resisted the defeat, but it was nothing more than the desperate insurrection of the underdogs. The Dortmund had more wit and imagination, they were faster, fresher, more toxic. In the long run, Bayern were only able to oppose them with competitive hardships and the practiced will of the aging champion.

At break they thought the Munich still for the eternal fun spoilers, they were all the last few years. A team capable of striking exactly when it is needed and hitting the enemy most bitterly. The Bavarians radiated coldness, routine and ruthlessness, their 1-0 lead had the character of a final truth. But it was only an intermediate. In the second half they could not keep their own level, only the Dortmund arrogance before Manuel Neuers goal granted them a grace period. The phase in which the Munich leadership fell behind looked like a historic landmark: the moment when a monument staggered – and finally fell. In this respect, it is not good news for the supporters of FC Bayern that you could not even blame them in the end. They had given everything. It was not enough.

Dortmund wins a rock and roll game

After a real spectacle, BVB beat Bayern 3-2. Marco Reus raves, Niko Kovac quarrels and Lucien Favre's mid-term strategy goes all the way.

By Maik Rosner



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