Diego Lainez does not shrink under the pressure

Diego Lainez does not shrink under the pressure

The actions that Diego Lainez has had so far in the 2018 Apertura, have led to begin to have a more leading role in the titular team of America, which has generated fans to expect a lot in their performances. This does not scare the juvenile azulcrema, on the contrary, he said he was aware of the situation and assumed it as such, knowing that he is well sheltered.
"I like that the fans expect a lot from me, from the first day they have waited and now to continue working. I feel very loved by people. They have always shown their support since I debuted and I thank them because all this is part of them, "he said.
On the victory against Rayados, Lainez considered that, although it may have seemed simple because of the bulging of the final score, Monterrey represented a complex synodal for the quality of its staff.
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"It appeared to be easy, but the game was complicated by the quality of the Monterrey team, it is a good parameter and it was shown that the team is well armed and closer to the goals," he said.
Coupled with the victory against the royals, Diego said he was satisfied by the face shown by the azulcremas, whom he sees on an ascending level.
"Very happy. The team looks better and happy about the result. We already work better matches and also on a daily basis, "he said.
Like Lainez, other players have had opportunities with the Eagles. Edson Álvarez, Carlos Vargas and Jorge Sánchez are other guys who participated in the game against Monterrey.
"It's a big club and a very large squad. The competition is very good and that brings out the best in us, "he said.
With just turned 18, Diego Lainez seems to have won a place in the ownership of America, which has a good taste in his mouth.
"Very good. I feel better and the team grows. That helps us feel in optimal conditions, "he closed. (Alejandro Alfaro)

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