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Al Ahli's club announced that his contract was finished with Mahmoud Waheed, the left left of Egypt to become a second part of the Red Summer team after a contract with Mahmoud Mahmoud player of the Tigris Valley. Only the first player to draw Al Ahli from the team ranks was only five other players (Konan, Hossain El Sayed, Ahmed El Sheikh, Mido Gaber, Hisham Mohamed) and Amr Barakat, defend their shirt three seasons before They were moving to Liers of Belgium for 6 months. He returns to Al-Ahli and Sabri Rahil, The players and the clearance are attached to the Scríobh Ahli stages to leave a model of their favorite after failing them and chose others to stay in the Red Castle on the bench or loan, and all of them have been imposed on the team and set up a seat in the original form, so the task is not easy to anyone. led by Ahli and wrote a quartile model from his predecessor, the player is in the background when the three (Tunisia Ali Maaloul – Sabri Rahil – Ayman Ashraf) accompany Hussein Al-Maar to the stages of the agreement Arabic. Yalla Koura Reviews during the next report What Ahli's clearing players provided: The event (the first model) started with the player Ivorian Oso Konan who joined Al Ahly in 2012 for a million million, as well as selling Hisham Mohamed and Hussein Al Sayed. The Tunisian Club Esperance had made Zamalek clear in the 32th round of the African Champions League 2008. Club Esperance was a 2008 loan to the Tunisian stadium during the winter transition for the 2008/2009 season for 6 months, and then return to Esperance and then return back to sport in the future The player goes to Egypt in the early 2010/2011 season. Conan spent two seasons in Egypt, scoring 27 of them and scored 11 goals before moving to Al Ahli in the 2012/2013 season. He took part in five games with Al Ahmar in the African Champions League, giving a solitary goal against the Chelsea of ​​Gauls Pericum. He played another game in the Super Cup against Enppi, who finished in favor of Al-Ahly with two goals. At the local level, he did not participate in the Al-Ahly series championship when the competition was suspended for political reasons. He only spent six months in Al-Ahli before he was chosen to leave Saudi Arabia through Al-Hajar Club Portal Hani Al-Sayed, from Al-Ahli, who moved to Egypt in August 2011, spent 4 season in Al -All left before leaving Al-Ahly during the 2014-2015 summer transition period. Al-Ahly participated in 44 different games in various competitions. 4 goals and 5 others. The left back is currently active in the Arab League after lending to the club for a season and a half period. The tribunal committee (model three) Ahmed Shikhrallah Ahmed Al-Sheikh continued for the clearance for Ahli for two seasons that began the 26-year-old transition Al Ali lasted in July 2015 for one season only D & # 39 ; M managed to present his credentials in the red jumper to return to Al Fayoumi on loan in August 2016. She made one of the best seasons during his career and succeeded in the title of the scorer I'd better find the Ihab Jalal leadership and then return to the Ahli stages, just a couple of months need to go back to the Arab League, and take part in the stages of the Arab agreement before they return to Ahli.
All Sheikh jobs had seven goals with Al-Ahli 23 in each competition. Mido Gabran joined Al-Ahli in the summer of 2016, becoming the third player to join the red from the clearing. Mido Jaber is suffering from a lack of participation with Al Ahly, the 26-year-old has been involved in Al Ahly since he has entered into a number of 42 games in various competitions. He scored four goals and made them. Hisham Mohamadakhar came out of the stages before Mahmoud Wahid came into. Ahli won his services during the summer of 2017. Hisham Kahan One of the players of the youth team in Al-Ahli departments, he drew in July 2012 before the red team to start the start of the 2017/2018 season to return. The 28-year-old was Ahli in the first season in 16 games except in various games at 803 minutes, and this season, Hisham Mohammed played with the Red team in 15 games to Now, 7 contacts in the Champions League.
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Source: Cairo Waheed: Mahmoud left Waheed's agreement with Ahli … The official announcement may be Friday


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