Defeated positive for Cardiff City of Chelsea and why it went wrong 10 minutes in a catastrophic final

Defeated positive for Cardiff City of Chelsea and why it went wrong 10 minutes in a catastrophic final

At first glance, Cardiff City's 4-1 defeat by Chelsea was a hammer blow.

But Maurizio Sarris response after the game – and the body language during the game – told you that the blues could not sit comfortably until the last glow of competition.

Cardiff has distressed its glamorous hosts and will undoubtedly bring with them many positive impressions of their trip to Stamford Bridge.

But it had gone awry for Neil Warnock's team in the last 10 minutes, when they allowed Chelsea to reach the victory mark.

Here is our analysis of the game …

What advantages can Cardiff have?

For the second time this season, a Cardiff set goal scored and co-driver Kevin Blackwell's hard work delivers impressive results.

The Bluebirds had strangely distanced themselves from the dead ball situations in the first three games of the game, but in the following games against top six teams, Cardiff's coaches are pleased.

Both times it came over a Sean Morrison pitching assist, whereby the captain has a big problem for the defense in the penalty area.

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Chelsea 4-1 Cardiff city

Otherwise, it was the control that Cardiff could temporarily hold in the second half. Both Bobby Reid and Danny Ward shone in front and some of them were crisp and dashing.

In the end, Chelsea had the highlight of the game both in the back and in front of goal, but again it was Cardiff's achievement

For that reason, it is fair to say that the 4-1 score was a bit tough.

Not many teams will stop Hazard in this form

Another plus here or at least a comfort. It is no shame to be struck by such a wonderful individual presentation.

Some of Hazard's touches bordered on the unheard. He purred.

Hazard completes his hat-trick
Hazard completes his hat-trick

The way the Belgian shifted his weight to the dummy Joe Bennett and kept his balance as he thundered into the bottom corner was a pleasure to see.

The quick one-touch exchange with Pedro and Olivier Giroud for the second was too much for Cardiff to handle.

Although you could not help but feel very few teams will stop Hazard when he's in the mood. Arsenal were beaten 3-2 at the start of the season, with Hazard only playing 29 minutes.

Mind you, Willian and Pedro are not bad either and both have caused Cardiff a headache. The feeling Cardiff's players have taken on Chelsea's offensive treasures has the advantage that the Bluebirds can certainly score points from the weaker teams with fewer world-class talents.

Why Cardiff's performance fell apart

Warnock struggled to hide his desperation at the post-match press conference. He was still steaming after folding Cardiff's lost back line after 80 minutes of pressure.

Why Sol Bamba was forced to meet Willian the way he did was confusing. Then the Brazilian had too much space to get his place out of 20 yards for fourth place.

It was simply a case of fatigue, in truth probably more mental than physical fatigue.

Cardiff had trapped Chelsea without posing too much danger even in the second half. As the game progressed to 2-1 in the last 15 minutes, visitors knew they needed to do something.

Unfortunately, that meant Warnock's defense turned on and they paid a heavy price.

Chelsea's Willian (center) celebrates the fourth goal of his team
Chelsea's Willian (center) celebrates the fourth goal of his team

What can you do against Manchester City?

It will probably be more against City, but Cardiff will at least have the crowd on their side. If they can fuse the positive points of the Chelsea and Arsenal defeats, they will cause some problems for the champions, aided by a rough Cardiff City Stadium.

What Warnock wants very much is a game against one of the smaller lights to deliver the litmus test for Cardiff's progress this season. Burnley at home can not come soon enough.

Anyway, it feels like the bluebirds could keep up. They did it against Arsenal. They played 80 minutes against Chelsea.

The 4-4-1-1 should stay and the outlook should continue to be positive and "not panic", even if a bustle of Man City is imminent. The embryonic signs of a more progressive, dynamic Cardiff – suitable for the Premier League – are all there.

The concentration on the back must be a minimum next week. Otherwise, Pep Guardiola's men will feast.


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