Defeat to BVB: The cadre advantage of Bayern has been used up

Defeat to BVB: The cadre advantage of Bayern has been used up

The Munich people no longer have to hold pseudo-powerful press conferences: they can turn their gaze inwards – and work on the necessary upheaval.

Comment by Christof Kneer

On Sunday, Dortmund CEO Aki Watzke said that the current success of his BVB, of course, feel better than the failure of last season. Okay, this realization is not very surprising: that, if you think carefully, you'd better win than lose. Interesting, however, was Watzke's afterthought: he said that he had pulled a lot of energy out of the messy previous year. As a lesson from the previous year, for example, the Dortmunders have made two super things that you should probably not rumroller so loud, because otherwise all still come up with this idea. The Dortmund have namely (psst!) The right player and (again psst!) The right coach brought.

It was quite a strange picture that presented itself as the cameras swung off the spare banks shortly before the end of the top game. Christian Pulisic still sat outside BVB, a winged talent with a European market value, which Bayern have already considered; in the case of Bayern, however, the cameras found Paul Will, a red-haired as well as a 19-year-old defensive player, who knows no one in the Bundesliga.

The Bundesliga player of the hour

The BVB captain starts the turn against Bayern with two goals. After his eternal injury series, the 29-year-old has matured – and now has his old mentor back on the bench.

By Carsten Scheele

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Bayern have been revitalized by BVB in 2011/12

Yes, the Munich have a few injured, and yet you can not defend against this impression: that Bayern in November 2018 have no more cadre advantage over BVB. The recognition of the top game is indeed the: even the best season performance Bayern was not enough to defeat the new, old rivals – and if this best performance in the season was actually the "benchmark basis", as club boss Rummenigge worded alright, then would have That also applies to the entire situation: Then the game was something of an official certification that the Munich should be based immediately on Watzke's wisdom. It does not matter if they will eventually become champions, they will need to draw energy from this season – the kind of energy that feels committed to their core business on the lawn.

You can see it this way: The Bavarians no longer have to hold pseudo-powerful press conferences, they no longer have to indiscriminately abuse people who doubt their claim to almighty power. The people of Munich no longer have to devote themselves to the enemies out there in a reflex and convulsive way. Everyone has now realized that they are no longer omnipotent, at least for the time being. The Bavarians can now turn their gaze inwards and work on the upheaval that awaits them.

Once again, in the years 2011 / '12, the Bavarians have defiantly revived BVB successes, then they brought the expensive player Martínez and the famous coach Guardiola, and so the most exciting question in the analysis now probably be: if only the squad they left to coach Kovac is no longer strong enough to finish 15 points clear, or if this coach is not the way to break into the future.

Day one of the changing of the guard

Bayern recognizes that Borussia Dortmund is now the favorite for the championship title. Rummenigge gives himself humbly, Kimmich warns.

By Carsten Scheele



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