Decathlete Mayer gives a wonderful world record

September 16, 2018 at 19:01

Most dive from 49 years:
Decathlete Mayer gives a wonderful world record

Kevin Mayer celebrates the Discus in Talence Competition.

Talence Decathlete Kevin Mayer has set a new world record in Talence. The biggest jump in the development of a world record is 49 years. Pleasant in athletics.

After Kevin Mayer came into the brilliant world record with a great stomach, King Arthur "Abele was taken enthusiastically and dropped around the neck: One and a half months after his EM disaster in Berlin, the world champion of decathlon In French, Mayer, finishing the season finale in which Talence made a bang and a contest for the history books of the world record at 9126 incredible screwed points.

"I can not believe it! I'm so big on the nine clouds that I get sunburned," said the 26-year-old, who scored a day of entertainment in the home game in southern South-West France seven- One hour after Eliud Kipchoge set the first world record in Berlin (2:01:40). "I hope I can show that decathlon is more than sport," said Mayer.

In dTalence Mayer 81 points exceeded the Ashton Eaton American record in 2015 (9045) – the biggest jump in the world's record development was 49 years. "This is a significant interpretation, and I'm happy with Kevin and the future of the decathlon," Eaton tweeted.

After the external Eaton and Roman Sebrle record holder (9026), Mayer is the third decathlete, which is a magic mark of 9000 points. Her personal recordings of the 2016 Olympics in Rio (8834) were sprayed.

What Mayan's leadership was to clarify: After having nine disciplines in Talence with 8421, almost as many points as the European championship Abele were at the end of the decathlon of the European Championship. Mayer reached 5.45 m in the pole pole, arriving at 4:49 minutes in the 1500 m final race – ran two faster seconds.

The announcement came Mayer coup, and it should be in the European Championship. In Berlin, Mayer liked and came in an unpaid form, but he died after three invalid attempts in the long jump. The Frenchman had a look at how Ulm Abele succeeded with a meaningful victory at home.

For the first time in 26 years, the world record does not apply among the athletes' kings with any material from the Czech Republic or the United States. In 1992, in Talence, the American Dan O Brien had 8891 points, destroying the best of the British Daley Thompson icon (8848). Subsequently, the Tomas Dvorak (8994/1999) and Sebrle (9026/2001) took the world record before the start of Eaton (9039/2013 and 9045/2015).

Abele's European champion runner up in Lecce with 8310 points and won after his victory in Ratingen and the European Championship overall victory in the IAAF Combined Events Challenge. The 32-year-olds spent a prize money of $ 30,000. The Mayer classification was not included but only one is complete throughout this season.

The overall victory with Germany went for the third time after a row after the first time won Kai Kazmirek (2016) and Freimuth's King (2017).

In women's heptathlon, Carolin Schäfer (Frankfurt) won the third place, EM in Tacte with 6457 points and took full ranking of the Challenge for the third time.
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