David Suazo: 'I want to be a coach from Honduras with all the possible experience'

David Suazo: 'I want to be a coach from Honduras with all the possible experience'

Brescia, Italy
The former Honduran player and today coach Oscar Suazo del Brescia of the second division of Italy, spoke this Sunday in the Round Table segment of the Cinco Deportivo program about what is his present in what is his career on the benches.
In addition, the cagocho exgoleador had words about the possibilities of being able to direct the selection of Honduras and even of what has been the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus
Contacts with the Honduran team?
No, aboslutamente there has been no contact with the federation. I read and heard the possibility of my name, obviously it fills me with pride, they are situations that help you and tell you that your work has done well.
Obviously I want to be the coach of Honduras with all the possible experience, I want to arrive to be able to transmit one and be able to do something that he wants.
Honduran footballers in Europe
Before there were many players in Europe, the Honduran player speaks very little today. For a long time there is no talk of a player, there is much talk of Choco for his appearance in Barcelona B, he is talked about because they link him to my name, they have asked me about him and it is news of pride.
At the time, Elis was mentioned, unfortunately in US soccer, his growth is much less than that of Europe, it is a flat right that he will have to pay to get used to and leave Europe.
Rigo Rivas
He was here last year, he had a highs and lows championship, he played very little. He was in 15 presences and was not a starter, it was said that the level was not positive and because of that before I arrived he had already returned and Inter sent him to the Ternana which is Serie C, he is a boy who still needs to play much to be able to train a lot, make a little more floor and then arrive in the best way.
Cristiano Ronaldo in Italy
Cristiano's name means movement, it is a feeling that is lived and felt, Italian football has taken a lot of prestige and all Europe speaks of it, I think that the fact that it comes gives a benefit in every sense globally in all what football is
The situation is simple, after 28 years we qualified for the World Cup with Rueda, four years of selection process, when I see that a sub21 gets a medal all these boys then disappear and that is the problem, we must continue maintaining the processes, if it does not give them continuity is complicated.
DT from Honduras
You have to believe in the project, the problem is that, at this moment it is not possible that you do not have a coach, the important thing is to believe in the project and selection process
Remember with Honduras
My prettiest memory of the Premundial with the sub-20 in Guatemala, the last elimination match with El Salvador where we qualified for the World Cup, returning to a World Cup and being part of the best selections in the world was a moment of pride and happiness .
Plans to return to Honduras
It depends on my work and being a second division coach, my vacations with different and sometimes my mother gets angry, she sometimes tells me that I am her lost son.
Final message
To all the Honduran fans that are hanging, very happy and I tell you with a lot of pride. We always want to raise the name of Honduras and greetings to my family, many blessings to all. .

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