Danny da Costa's curious interview with himself

Danny da Costa's curious interview with himself

DThe journalists needed Eintracht Frankfurt's Danny da Costa just to hold the camera and microphone. "I can give the questions and answers myself," said the 25-year-old after the 3-2 victory of his concord with Apollon Limassol on Thursday night in the Europa League. So Costa started to write a 58-second monologue and ask the questions:

Question: "Am I glad we are one lap away?"

Answer: "Yes!"

Question: "Do I find it cool that the fans support us that way?"

Answer: "Yes!"

Question: "Is the focus on Sunday and the Schalke game now?"

Answer: "Yes!"

Question: "Am I glad if there will be a break after that?"

Answer: "Of course"

Then Costa thought, "What's up?"

However, when Costa reported eight contests in series, the reporter of the Hessischer Rundfunk corrected: "No, not quite. 22 out of 24 points only. "

As Costa joked with a serious expression: "Yes, that is expandable. We have to work on that. "He briefly thinks:" That's right, we did not win. We played a draw. "

Now the reporter plays the game properly: "Was really weak."

Da Costa: "That was really bad of us. You have to say that. "

Next question: "Is there still the work-up in the mind?"

Da Costa: "Yes, it was also noticed today after the goal, that the Nuremberg game was immediately back in the head and this has unsettled us. Of course that should not happen like that. "

Shortly thereafter, he finished his interview on his own and was in a good mood.

As Costas curious deposit strongly reminded Klaus Augenthaler. When the world champion of 1990 was once a coach at VfL Wolfsburg, he gave a legendary 42-second press conference in May 2007, where he also asked the questions himself and gave the answers right away.


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