ST. LOUIS • The median orders of the Central American teams of the National League have spawned seven of the last eleven Most Valuable Players and National League Central teams, who have long boasted the best gathering of basemen in baseball.

On Wednesday the group got even stronger.

In a statement to the Chicago media on Thursday, Cubs President Theo Epstein outlined how he and his associates expected the Cardinals to pool young talents and take a significant step forward, including Wednesday's first baseman Paul Goldschmidt. The Cubs have campaigned for restraint this winter, suggesting that any great persecution, given the obligations they have already made to pitchers, would require a tricky reorganization of the payroll and make Kris Bryant yet. The Cubs saw the cardinals again this winter as attackers in the market – again.

"After failing to make the playoffs three years in a row and having so much up-and-coming talent, we expected them to take another consolidation step for another great player, and they got a really elite player with Paul Goldschmidt," said Epstein Reporter Chicago. "The Cardinals are doing an excellent job of producing talented youngsters, they have a lot of young players, and last winter, it made sense for them to bring together many of their younger talents and resources to make them a really effective player ) Ozuna trading done. "

Milwaukee's outfielder Christian Yelich became the second NL Central player in three years after Bryant to win the MVP. Of the last 11 NL MVPs, seven have been won by NL Central players, four of whom are still in the division: Yelich (2018), Bryant (2016), Ryan Braun (2011) and Joey Votto (2010). Prior to this group, Albert Pujols won MVPs in 2009 and 2008 in a row.

As a cardinal, Pujols walked at every turn – and even after he had emigrated to the American League in 2011, the first base for many NL Central teams was a strength.

From 2012, the first season of the division, there were no Pujols, to date leads Votto with a .957 OPS first baseman and the first basques of Cubs, Anthony Rizzo, with an O64 of 0.864 in fifth place. There, behind Votto in second place, Goldschmidt lies with an OPS of 934 points since 2012. Rizzo is since 2013 in fifth place among the first basemen with a stroke of 493 and Votto in second place with a stroke rate of 0.516.

First, first, when it comes to beating?

"It was a great split before this trade and even better," Epstein said. "It's to be expected, I said exactly the same thing last year, I think … It just goes to show that NL Central deserves to be earned, and we've done our job, and that's the way it should be."


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