Cruz Azul, mentally prepared not to fall into excesses of confidence

Cruz Azul, mentally prepared not to fall into excesses of confidence

MEXICO – The great challenge that Cruz Azul has is to be constant. It is something not very usual in a team that in seven tournaments has only gone to a Liguilla, but now lives a different news with three wins in the same number of matches played. The team has closed ranks and is ready to face that mission. This Machine is different, it is assured from the inside of the club. ESPN "Sincerely we talk a lot about not falling in excess of confidence and we are prepared because sometimes you let yourself go and you can relax, but we talk about it so that it does not happen", he explained. Spaniard Édgar Méndez at a press conference in La Noria two days after facing Xolos de Tijuana on day four of the 2018 Apertura. Cruz Azul lives a tournament start like the one he did not have 12 years ago with three consecutive wins at the start of championship. The goal is to add more similar results and to be a constant team that approaches the Liguilla as soon as possible. "We like to beat all the possible records and that excites us more and if you have a good start then you can score and we want to win all ", Stressed the Spaniard, who plays his third tournament with the cementero team. If you want to receive alerts of the Mexican Soccer, download the App now. »
The achieved triumphs, recognized by Méndez, have the most that have been achieved in courts of not very good condition, something that he does not expect to improve much in his visit to Tijuana where he has a synthetic turf, but he does not think that there are excuses "We have not played in good courts and the team has taken things forward and that gives us confidence and harmony. I think we will reach a good level, "he said. An important point to achieve this kind of results, said the Spaniard, is the contribution made by men like Pablo Aguilar to feel more confident in defense." Before, in the final minutes, we They arrived at the door or we felt they created danger and we were nervous, but with new colleagues like Pablo Aguilar, the team feels stronger and more compact and since they arrived we felt stronger, "he said. ENDURED WITH PELÁEZ In the cement set On the other hand, the work of Ricardo Peláez has been celebrated, who is highlighted by his closeness to the team and the mentality that he has transmitted to the players in his scarce three months of work. "We are delighted all the players because he is a very close and with winning mentality, which has been champion in other teams and transmits to us to continue battling, that we must remain united and strong ", shared Méndez.

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