MEXICO (ESPN Digital / Iván Cañada) The return to the cathedral of the Mexican football has not been the meaning of good news for an intratable Blue Cross and in search of its dream more wanted as a League championship. The celestial fort returned an invoice to a visitor and now there were some Wolves who fell (2-1) in the attempt against the Machine at the Aztec Stadium. Blue Cross found his fortress at home since he returned to the Colossus of Santa Úrsula and thus finished a regular season with eight victories and barely a tie at nine presentations in the League before his hobby. To that we have to add that they have already won a Cup and that the motivation to play before theirs is unmatched at this time. General and secure leader of his first place, La Machine made it again to his people. He won and he had fun with hiss. In the penultimate game of the regular campaign and with the Liguilla well in the look, the Celestians did not loosen the pace and gave one of their best offensive shows this season, at least in the first time, despite the closing of the marker. a loose team, self-confident and confident in their options, Cruz Azul defeated some Wolves that did not sell the defeat cheap, but that over time they succumbed to the collective game of cemetery, which appeared again in the Azteca .Peter Caixinha has not escorted a second in this contest. With the classification in his pocket for a few weeks and the Cup already won, the new goal was to overcome the 32-point mark set from the beginning of the season. They even exceeded him with the triumph of this occasion. If the suspended Adrián Aldrete was missing, the Portuguese sent to the left hand side to Julio Domínguez and the wagon practically did not resent. Cruz Azul has been a team during the entire campaign and has shown him again. Unfortunately, the marker was opened to Lobos, through his scorer Leonardo Ramos, when in reality the dominator of the match had been the heavenly set, which came closer to a couple of times at the goal of Antonio Rodríguez, who pulled out his hands and turned off the fire as many times as possible. Immediately 7The bad thing for the cause of the people's goalkeeper is that his fate was not going to change before the constant attacks of the local. First it was Martín Cauteruccio who tied after a cross shot and then was José Madueña with a play to frame, to reach the back. The right side of the Machine closed the play that started by the center, left to the left and finished a change to on the other side for his surprise arrival and later, he was placed at the door, unable to stop the Lobos goalkeeper. The licántropos only saw walking the ball side by side without footing or stopping their trajectory. A flag of the flag that reflects the time of the celestial. The partial triumph gave a Blue Cross more comfort that neither was forced for more and that over time, it has learned to take care of the advantages and even increase it several times. Contra Lobos, In the second time, it was dedicated more to take care of the result that I already had in his pocket. There was a bit of trouble, but Corona, always safe and motivated, did not have a bigger problem to divert or stop the useless remates of his opponents. The communion of the Azteca with the Machine has been total in this 2018 Opening and the next appointment will be within a few weeks in the finals. Only one is expected rival while the regular campaign ends.


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