Collecting Week 4 College Football rankings as they curl up

Collecting Week 4 College Football rankings as they curl up

Week 3 of college football finally gave us some actual action in the top 25. BYU shocked Wisconsin, LSU took Auburn, Oklahoma State upset (!) Boise State's home, and routed USC and Arizona State teams lost.

Below we collect new top 25 members in week 4.

The usual disclaimers apply. The only ranking that matters in the end is the ranking of the playoff selection committee on Selection Sunday, and the committee can suddenly change its mind. It does not even start weekly playoff rankings until Halloween.

We will update each of the following rankings as they are published.

The historical gold standard of human polls. Releases around 2pm ET on Sundays.

Each survey and rating racked up more or less in a constantly updated ranking. We will update this a couple of times the whole Sunday when the leaderboard comes out.

  1. Alabama
  2. Georgia
  3. Ohio state
  4. Clemson
  5. Oklahoma
  6. Penn State
  7. LSU
  8. Mississippi State
  9. Oklahoma State
  10. maroon
  11. Stanford
  12. Notre Dame
  13. Virginia tech
  14. Washington
  15. Wisconsin
  16. Iowa
  17. Duke!
  18. Boise State
  19. TCU
  20. UCF
  21. Miami
  22. Michigan
  23. Boston College
  24. West Virginia
  25. Washington

SB Nation favored college football advanced statistics, which tends to run well against the Vegas spread, along with offering much lower ratings from teams. Free Sunday afternoons,

A long-running computer that also contains FCS teams. Usually released Sunday morning,

Not much, and often more is a poll of PR directors than actual coaches. Usually released Sunday morning,

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