CLOCK: College basketball player seems to be kicking the opponent's face off the campus

CLOCK: College basketball player seems to be kicking the opponent's face off the campus


A Fitchburg State University basketball player in Massachusetts was suspended indefinitely by the team and expelled from the campus for apparently throwing an elbow in the face of an opponent.

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The broadcast of the NCAA Division III basketball game on the Fitchburg website seems to be number 23 on the list as Kewan Platt of Charlestown, throwing another player an elbow late into the game.

After Fitchburg State left Nichols College 73-63 behind, Tewksbury supervisor Nate Tenaglia starts a three on a breakaway. When Tenaglia returns to the ground, Platt glances over his shoulder before throwing an elbow in the guard's face.

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Tenaglia hits the ground hard and stays grounded for a moment before the referees circle.

"Clearly shows that the child has already released the shot and then hit," said Fitchburg's President Prince Addo. "I do not even know what to say, I'm just speechless."

After a short break, the referees decide to remove Platt from the game and score an obvious foul.

In a statement, Nichols College Athletics Director Chris Colvin said the team is happy that Tenaglia was not injured.

"We are very pleased that the student athlete of Nichols College, Nate Tenaglia, was involved in the incident, was unhurt and could finish the competition. We are proud of the way our student athletes dealt with the incident and did not allow for escalation. This matter is in the hands of the authorities and the state administration of Fitchburg. We trust that they will handle it appropriately, "said Colvin.

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A Twitter user pointed out that Platt seemed frustrated at another end.

"I think it could have been a little feud like back and forth," said Fitchburg State Secretary Eric Patel.

The Massachusetts State Collegiate Athletic Conference issued a statement on Wednesday afternoon stating that the organization is considering further sanctions against Fitchburg State University.

"It does not show a good side of the school," said Fitchburg state student Eric Patel on Wednesday afternoon. "It somehow ruins the reputation of the school, and besides, it's just unsportsmanlike."

The conference also said that Platt's previous player of the week had not been awarded.

"His behavior contradicts the mission of MASCAC, to which good sportiness belongs" the conference said on Twitter,

WFXT reported that police are investigating Fitchburg State University.

You can watch the full game here.

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