• In the third match of the World Chess Championship, Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana are drawing for the third time.
  • Again, Carlsen has slight advantages with Black, but Caruana certainly saves himself with a knight sacrifice in the third division of points.

In the third match of the Chess World Cup in London, challenger Fabiano Caruana and defending champion Magnus Carlsen shared the point after an uneventful trip. The players chose exactly the same variant of the Sicilian defense as in the first game. The American Caruana gave way first, but could not surprise his opponent. The players reached a previously unplayed position, but pulled their pieces safely and quickly.

After the opening, the challenger seemed to have slight advantages on the queenside, but found no plan to put the world champion under sustained pressure. Finally, the Norwegian Carlsen battled his runner against the white jumper and tried, thanks to a pawn on the queenside his minimum position advantage to exploit the full point. Caruana defended itself but thoroughly prudent and secured the draw after 49 moves. After the exciting start to the World Cup, the players in the third game took out the pace. They shied away from the risk and shared the point after a perfectly balanced course.

The fourth game of the chess crown will take place on Tuesday. The competition in London is scheduled for twelve games. Who reaches 6.5 points first, crowns the world champion. If there is a tie, a tiebreak occurs. The prize fund is one million dollars.

Chess World Cup Caruanas Springeropfer saves the draw

Caruanas Springeropfer saves the draw

Again not a winner: Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana can not mate in the third game the opponent.




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