November is historically a difficult month for Chelsea. Managers can be made or broken at this point, and Maurizio Sarri's first test is a difficult Everton. Despite his roller coaster, rock & roll, drama career, Marco Silva is a pretty good manager. Everton seems to be a solid foundation for him after several years of failure (or success). They are a tricky tactical team that only struggled against the top six clubs. The tactics of Maurizio Sarri, if implemented according to his wishes, should make Everton a short job. However, they are not always implemented as desired and this can make it difficult for Silva's men. Kepa Arrizabalaga, Goalkeeper 1, SpainArrizabalaga has a rare feature that is never on a statistic sheet. The best keepers of the world own it and they can separate the pretenders from the rest. This property is telepathy. Yeah, that's the only explanation why the best keepers in the world can push the ball on the crossbar without ever touching it. Arrizabalaga, either by mutation or by magic, has this ability and exposes Chelsea more and more. Cesar Azpilicueta, Right Defender, 28, Spain. One of many is whether Azpilicueta was good or not. The statistics prove with little doubt that he was pretty good this year. But many want to compare him to Elseid Hysaj's role in Napoli (or rather, the part that they think she played). But Sarri knew he did not want to look for Napoli. He was looking for something at Chelsea. The de facto captain is fine. Antonio Rudiger, center back, 2, Germany Sarri has two final lines. There is the first choice behind line that seems well pierced the occasional hiccup. Then there's the B-team's backline, which looks like a bunch of guys who've just met, speaking different languages, and choosing to play a pickup game in the park. The biggest thing the B-Team lacks is perhaps Rudiger. The power and vision of the Germans may be the most important piece of Chelsea's defense, and the Blues (and Sarri) are very lucky to have him. David Luiz, center back, 30, BrazilHuckling we just mentioned? Yes, these are almost always Luiz. But for most of his season he has his head on him and done well. It also helps that Andreas Christensen is a shy player who makes more hiccups than Luiz. If Christensen is to be the obvious heir in Chelsea's defense, he has much more to do, because Luiz does not give him breathing space as a back-up to Alonso. Defensively, he is still very suspect. At least Alonso tries to come back as soon as possible, but Emerson is very reserved. Offensively they can both contribute in their own way, but Alonso compliments the players around him better than Emerson. The Italian is a very good individual but he does not improve the team like Alonso does.


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