Chelsea coach Maurizio Sarri has sparked the grand and weightless debate. The results of Sarri's training style are likely to be unlikely for some time. Seldom is the choice of a manager for a training program so much debate. But Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri did just that when he said his team did not do strength training. His argument was that he had never taken a player on the field before. He would therefore prefer that they control their own body weight as additional iron. Power and conditioning coaches were horrified worldwide. Their argument was that there is a lot of scientific research that says that athletes of this level can benefit almost only from strength training. Although strength training can work in body weight, it is not the most efficient method and is therefore inferior. Carri's followers and others have come to his defense. Logically, it makes sense to control the body, because that's all that goes on the pitch. Training Ground Guru had an excellent article on both sides of the debate (more weights or less weights) through the lens of Sarris Training. But it does feel like parts are missing on both sides of the debate. Among the most important aspects of the debate is the fact that weight training can reduce the risk of injury. In contrast, too much muscle agility and agility was. Like most debates, the two sides quickly adopted opposing views with little middle ground. But does a player like Gary Cahill, who's already quite tall, need more strength training? Or does a thin track like Andreas Christensen only need training for body weight? The question is that the answer lies somewhere in the middle, as in most debates. At some point, weight training can be an obstacle, because at a certain point, lack of strength training can be detrimental. Often it depends on the individual. Doing one or the other usually only leads to short-term results. Another part of the debate that is lost is that everything is cumulative. Many refer to Chelsea's current winning form and say, "Look who needs weights!", But they ignore what came before. Antonio Conte was a big proponent of team weight training. Considering how recently the government of Conté was terminated, many benefits of this regime will still be present as Sarri uses his own. Therefore, Chelsea essentially uses a form of periodization unintentionally. The results of Contes Training are preserved while the training of Sarri is piled up. At some point, the benefits of Contes weight training will be weaker and all that will remain is Sarris body weight training. Next Page: Three Things You Should Watch Everton From Back To Front As Chelsea Host It's likely to be several months to a year before Conte expires to see the exact results of the Sarri method. If the injuries begin to pile up or the players wither, this is probably due to a lack of weights. If they become nimble animals, it will come to Sarri. The answer may be in the middle of the two, but the debate will continue until someone takes command of the other.


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