Champions League: Swept by Bruges (4-0), Monaco never ceases to sink

Champions League: Swept by Bruges (4-0), Monaco never ceases to sink

It's not even a free fall, it's an underwater dive in the waters of the neighboring Mediterranean. By collapsing against Bruges (0-4), AS Monaco conceded their biggest home defeat in the Champions League.

In the agony in the league, the Monegasques were counting on the arrival of the Belgians to better prepare the coming of the ogre PSG Sunday night on the Rock. "It's a shame," plague Djibril Sidibé. "It's a strong word," says Thierry Henry. But the truth is there: as soon as you take a goal, you give up. Our morale is even greater. But I have to be positive. If not, where are we going? "

The disillusionment took exactly eleven minutes and forty-four seconds to blow them in the face. This is the time it took for the Belgians to score three goals in the first period on their first three chances. It's simple, it was enough for the Bruges to press to foil a Monegasque training lost.

On the opening score, Glik and Ait-Bennasser are on a center. Vanaken, all happy, has only to push the ball into the nets (0-1, 12th). In the process, Barreca leaves hands in the surface and diverts a ball. Vanaken turns the penalty and offers a doubled easy (0-2).

And Glik got hurt …

We must not wait long for episode three of the series of blunders. At the entrance to the surface, Wesley is not attacked and quietly rolls a winning shot (0-3, 24th). In the stands, Bruges fans sing a cruel "Titi sings with us" for the attention of Thierry Henry.

Their Monegasque counterparts do not even have the heart to sing anymore and even set fire to the bottom of their stands. Many leave the stadium before the time. They do not see the new tile that falls on the head of their team, with the fourth Belgian goal by Vormer (85th) who just squeezes the nail.

But the muscle injury of a cadre, the Polish Glik, bringing to eleven the number of wounded at the ASM. Eleven as a football team. But there is a long time that there is more team in Monaco …

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