• 1899 Hoffenheim delivers in the Champions League against Manchester City a game on the edge of the possibilities, but still loses 1: 2.
  • Afterwards there is much praise from Pep Guardiola for Julian Nagelsmann.
  • Click here for the results of the Champions League.

From Saskia Aleythe, Sinsheim

When the microphones were switched off and the journalists were out of earshot, it became interesting between Julian Nagelsmann and Pep Guardiola. Both had just made their views known to the game, in separate press conferences, one after the other. 15 minutes, last question please, nice evening still. Now they met, a few meters further in the non-public area of ​​the Sinsheim football arena and because the door was open, you could see: a trainer, who got into conversation with the other, two coaches, of whom one could say They realized that they had more to communicate than courtesy. And that had something of a conductor who showed each other what instruments and compositions they threw together to form a beautiful orchestra.

Sometimes Pep Guardiola shook his wrists jagged, as only Pep Guardiola can, and then possibly an explanation of half-spaces to follow, because listened nailed banister. Once the 31-year-old sat himself to shake hands, Guardiola – two-time Champions League winner nodded interested. It was a scene that allowed the far-fetched assumption that the two shared the same passion and perhaps even similar obsession.

Silva's shocker saves Guardiola

There was more in it: Hoffenheim edited ManCity for a long time with great discipline, but eventually the pressure of the English is too big – a TSG defender annoys excessively.

From Saskia Aleythe, Sinsheim

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Two virtuosos in the concert of the best, with the not irrelevant difference that one performs with solid concert violins and the other with stradivarius. Both in the knowledge that luxury instruments alone do not make any top concerts – which Pep Guardiola also felt on Tuesday night: In 2-1 (1-1) against TSG Hoffenheim was his billion dollar team from Manchester City is not so much better the market value could have given it an idea.

The entertainment value of the game was high

Of course, there may be several readings: Lovers of football-ball football Guardiola will note that the Catalans kept the game device to 66 percent always in their ranks (dominance!), That by six dangerous corners in the first half, also plenty of luck it was that not more goals were scored or that a quite clear foul by TSG goalkeeper Oliver Baumann to Leroy Sané (76th minute) was not punished with a penalty.

However, Nagelsmann had not intended to own the ball, but chose the counter-football as a means of his choice. "The pace of ManCity has seen everyone," said Nagelsmann later, "if you defend there extremely high, you take too much risk." So he had himself countered, which worked equally well after 44 seconds, so that it was suddenly 1-0 through Belfodil. Guardiola's game had not surprised him, 4-4-1, "then they switched, clearly played on a double six, as they often do," he said and in between there were in Nagelsmann's words "six or seven situation that would be fire dangerous We had enough chances to score more goals against a world-class team. "

David Silva spread the balls dangerously right in the lead at ManCity, while at the Hoffenheimers the best counterattacks were created on the right side of the Hoffenheim: The entertainment value of the match was high.

And who plays until the 87th minute 1: 1, so could take a point – or not, Mr. Nagelsmann? "You know who we played against?", Nagelsmann said sourly, pecking from the demand of a journalist, if his solid concert violins could not annoy the Stradivaris until the very end.



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