Champions League: Mourinho's provocation causes a lot of trouble

Champions League: Mourinho's provocation causes a lot of trouble

Jose Mourinho marched determinedly on the lawn of the Allianz Stadium, put his right hand to his ear and grimaced in an ugly grimace. "I can not hear you," Manchester United's team manager told Juventus's furious followers – in his own way. The provocation champion did not seem to have been sufficiently satisfied with Manchester United's sporting exclamation point, "The Special One "Made for big discussions. Again.

"I probably should not have done that, but if I and my family are insulted by the fans, then I react just like that," said the controversial Portuguese after the surprising 2-1 victory of the Red Devils at the title contender. After several Juventus stars had soothed the 55-year-old and Mourinho was escorted off guard, he added, "I'm here to do my job, but I've been insulted for the entire match."

Of Mourinho's work, which was last critically eyed on the island, the British experts spoke late Wednesday evening only partially. He had finally set a highlight with his star ensemble and distracted a bit from the disappointing seventh place in the Premier League. "Did he go too far with his jubilation, or does he show passion?" Asked the BBC.

The responses of the critical observers followed promptly. "That happens everywhere he goes," said former United star Paul Scholes at BT Sports: "Sometimes you have to win with a bit of class and just shake the hand of the opposing coach." The former Bayern professional Owen Hargreaves said: "It is unnecessary, but a remarkable result and a great victory for United and Mourinho."

The late goals from Juan Mata (86 ') and' Alex Sandro '(own goal / 90') left United in the lead after Cristiano Ronaldo's (65 ') opener, beating them to within two points of Group H leaders , That did not like the Juventus superstar and former Manchester professional Ronaldo. "United did not do anything to win the game," said the 33-year-old: "We dominated for 90 minutes and could have topped it three or four times." But that was how Juventus Mourinho made his special appearance used to fully enjoy Inter-Coach. In his very special way.


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