Chad Kelly responds to Broncos Stadium and sings his name against Vikings

Chad Kelly responds to Broncos Stadium and sings his name against Vikings

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After a breakout appearance on his NFL debut on Saturday night, the first-year quarterback will start Chad Kelly Do you finally get some repetitions of the second team in practice?

"We'll see, we'll watch the video and see where we are." Head coach Vance Joseph said after the game,

Translation: We will have to wait to see what the boss has to say in this matter. But Kelly was so good against the Vikings, and Paxton Lynch so bad, even the big ones John Elway will not be able to fend off his former first-round selection.

Kelly, for his part, remains modest. He comes from the 42-28 loss to Minnesota, he cultivates the right mindset and is extremely disappointed with himself that he threw this untimely interception in the fourth quarter, when it was still a single game. There is no sense in the claim of the former Ole Miss star.

"I can not see it that way," Kelly said after the game. "I have to make sure I keep my nose in the playbook and keep studying, I should have read more about the main zone, otherwise I would not have made a choice, but that's not the point."

At a certain point in time, as Kelly felt it during his second estate on the field, the crowd began to sing his name at the Broncos Stadium in Mile High; "Kelly! Kelly! Kelly!"

However, he does not let the admiration go to his head.

"I wanted to win this game, I do not care," Kelly said. "As I said, there are many things we can do better, but there were also many good things coming out of this game, it's a learning experience, my first game in 646 days, and I'm looking forward to that Opportunity to be in a great team. "

As I wrote Saturday nightKelly's performance, if put in the right context, having played football for almost two years, is actually quite remarkable. The boy has overcome a plethora of obstacles and is on the way to defeating not only a first-rounder, but also to win a roster spot.

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Not bad to be the last player selected in the 2017 NFL Draft. The fall from the draft had a lot to do with the knee and wrist injuries he suffered during his pro-day.

"It's 646 days," Kelly said. "I did not think I would get a screwed-up wrist and now I have the opportunity to play in the Denver Broncos with a great team and see myself surrounded by great players."

Kelly has no megalomania, at least not now. He recognizes the QB pecking order and Fall Keenum& # 39; s position as king of the hill. He sounds grateful to have an old example of Keenum's caliber.

"We have a quarterback leader I can learn from, and we have great coaches who will put us in great situations and we have a great offensive line," he said. "These guys are playing really well, they know what they're doing and we all play at a very high level and we'll get better every day."

Denver's third-team Denver O-Line did surprisingly well and bought Kelly the time it took to analyze the Vikings' defense. It's been an old move to get his teammates credit in the media, especially when he was the local hero of the evening. Keenum definitely wears it.

Kelly shot onto the pitch, but his first goal was to win the game and he missed out. He finished 14-of-21 for 177 yards, with two touchdowns and an interception.

What is Kelly planning to do on his Broncos debut?

"If a man is in the zone, read the reports better," Kelly said. There is so much that I can get better. Even the big ones have to get better every day. I can not wait to watch the movie, go back to work tomorrow and keep going. "

Will Kelly get reruns for the second team in the coming week while the Broncos host joint training sessions with the Chicago Bears? Only time will tell, but I would be shocked if it did not happen. He was so electric.

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