GIs there actually a female player? As absurd as the "job title" is a gambler, it is stupid to indulge in the face of the realization that one of these women seems to have her own opinion. On Lisa miller's "slip-up", namely their admittedly unprofessional criticism of Bayern coach Niko Kovac, who dared to swap her husband Thomas Müller in a game only in the 71th minute, now follows the next Gau. Cathy Hummels, Germany's most well-known, um, woman, whose husband runs over a meadow for his money, speaks up. "It's not my place to interfere with my husband's business," she said "".

Johanna Dürrholz

Well, that was not always Cathy Hummel's opinion. Just think of her involvement in the 2014 World Cup, when she wanted to officially prove her intelligence in a "picture" column, but primarily catapulted to first place in a never before made unpopularity ranking of German player women. At the very least, "Gala" called her "the most hated player woman", a title that is inglorious, especially with regard to the rationale behind the "gala": turning down women? Can they!

Of course, you have to admit that Cathy Hummels did not really come across as intelligent, unless you would say her words about the fact that soya latte in Brazil tastes even better than in her hometown, beloved Shire, somehow as a metaphor for one of poverty and Understand corruption battered Brazilian society. Thus, Cathy Hummels made within a few weeks at many German football fans (and especially those who really only WM and EM look) terribly unpopular. She became the mocking figure of the nation.

Cathy Hummels learned from this, remembered her strengths and as an influencer she now posts largely non-political and non-football-related images of her outfits. Her Instagram stories cover third-rate events in which she wears anything she quickly films in any elevator mirror, and where she drinks champagne with some B or C celebs. She said she was glad when she returned home from Brazil. The scorn made them crumbly, but unfortunately not reflected. For it is all the more astonishing that she is now instrumentalized by the media to grab a different player woman, Lisa Müller.



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