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Hertha loses leadership in Frankfurt

Jürgen Klinsmann narrowly missed the first victory in the second game as coach of Hertha BSC. The Berlin came to kick off the 14th match day of the Bundesliga Eintracht Frankfurt despite a 2: 0 lead only to a 2: 2 (1: 0) and remain in 16th place. After five recent defeats, Dodi Lukebakio (30th) and Marko Grujic (63rd) scored the Hertha goals. Martin Hinteregger (65) and substitute Sebastian Rode (86th) prevented the fourth Frankfurt league defeat in a row. In the pouring rain the shivering spectators saw a restrained beginning, but were reconciled with an exciting final phase. The Berlin showed promising approaches and were mainly defensive safer than against Dortmund, as it had been 0-2 after 20 minutes. The Eintracht was game-determining and had more ball possession. "We have to be disappointed," Rode said at the DAZN microphone: "The Hertha have two, three chances and make two goals, and in the end we're happy to have one point, but today should have been more."

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Letters: The MSU keeps Clay Helton and readers continue to fight

So if a restaurant in a restaurant is sent a semi-baked dinner that is not badly prepared, is it satisfied with the cook and another reservation for the following week?

Michelle Money

Manhattan Beach

:: t

It seems to me that I intend to keep Helton Coach, Mike Bohn created that the USC athletics directors are not always on the sea in Troy! The same thing and expecting to define different results does not give a winning coach … or a strong athletic director, for that reason!

Judy Thomsen


:: t

How should the USC keep a football coach with integrity, when a person from Urban Meyer is out there, waiting to win games at all?

USC fans re-establish themselves as the worst.

Mike McNiff

Costa Mesa

:: t

The positive one about Mike Bohn's catastrophic decision to return Helton is that there will be about 20,000-30,000 more people attending AYSO games for their children.

Jim Patton

Manhattan Beach

:: t

I have never been a USU fan, because I graduate of this football factory down the road at San Diego State.

But in the light of all the impartiality, all the glamor and lamentation for a good man like Helton Helton were kept as a supporter of Helton.

Jim B. Parsons


:: t

As a 1965 MSU graduate, I am suffering almost 54 years of rubbish as the USC is a football factory where academics take a back seat.

Meanwhile, the USC has emerged as a highly regarded academic institution, but the aura is still there. The right decision has been made by Bohn's Athletic director and President Folt. Hopefully, the point will come that academics come first and football is a fun but secondary element of college life. And these loyal, stable and enthusiastic employees will be retained.

Noel Park

Rancho Palos Verdes

:: t

Memo by Mike Bohn: In keeping Helton, the USC did something that Trojans big teams never volunteered: We punished us.

Gary B. Ross

Beverly Hills

:: t

After Mike Bohn's incompetent decision to keep Clay Helton, I now know that Mary Ann, Ginger and Professor were trying to leave that island every week. Fight, Gilligan!

Mark Gallucci

Garden City, N.Y.

:: t

P.T. Barnum was right. A sucker is born every minute. USC season ticket holders spent thousands of dollars in refurbishment fees for the Coliseum. In return, the university puts on our nose through Clay Helton. “S” on the MSU season ticket holders shirt certainly stands for “suckers.”

Dick Bank

City of Angels

:: t

I'm not sure if the photo of Clay Helton on page one of the sports section was on a pre-conscious Thursday or a metaphor, and it seems to show the coach as a parade leader … without a stick! Is the parade going another way? Or is his team going the other way?

Steve Arvin

Los Angeles

:: t

The LA Plasmake Sports Czar must be held. USC is asking as many questions as to probity and the honor and football is one. I mean not to go back to Pete Carroll's era and Reggie Bush. The USC does not have to be a great football school and a good university. It must be a great university with a team like football. The administration of the USC appears to be moving to restore the loss. Give them a chance.

Paul Atkinson


:: t

It is not important at all, Arash Markazi, for the USC president or HR to get the fingers of the fan base. Indeed, it would be a mistake.

After all the problems that the university had recently they need to finger to keep their school ethics blow. The president is in charge of the whole school and two dozen programs, some of which won national championships. Fans of the football team should be a minimum of the worries they have.

Kevin Minihan

City of Angels

:: t

The way I see it, the lesser question about USC who want to return Clay Helton back in 2020 – without any reason – or even the reasons why it was retained, but instead, becomes the main one. interim coach Trojans after the open loss to Alabama when noise cacophony reaches unprecedented decibels?

Steve Ross

Beverly Hills

:: t

I was surprised that the USC decided to continue the program of disadvantage in football when Clay Helton was detained. I hope that the big buyer is very revenge when Alabama unveils our doors next year. Perhaps Bohn removes the imbalance in out programs.

Looking forward to more help.

Steve Owen

Kelseyville, Calif.

:: t

For all high school, college and professional team leaders in all sports (basketball, basketball, football, soccer, rugby and whatever is left), if you need a head coach who knows all, hire Bill Plaschke. He all knows. Ask him.

Russell Morgan


We have not forgotten UCLA

Hmm … 38,000 people at the Rose Bowl for the UCLA-Cal game. Another way: 54,000 empty seats. Just think, and the Bears moving to Stadium SoFi next season, Dignity Health Stadium will be available. Bruins could fill these 27,000 seats for each game… and it's right down the 405. Imagine the “8 clap” excitement at that cozy stadium. Carson, the town of Mighty Bruins football!

Jeff Corliss

Rancho Mirage

:: t

Chip Kelly says it's excited? If I am Kelly's Chip and the second season has been lost around and I'm getting $ 23.3 million over five years with added benefits, and my job is now safe, and my defense coordinator is likely to take the heat with for this season. performance and I can't coax another loss of shame for at least another nine months and I'm preparing to welcome other battles of talented recruits, as I might be excited!

Lawrence M. Kates

City of Angels

:: t

Chip Kelly says he is not worried about the attitude of his team, but the reality. There is a real sense through the senses: I see an unorganized team on the field; I hear catalysts from the stands; I smell a grilled ribeye from maturing tailgaters; I feel my obstacle is getting worse in the setting; and I taste the bill when I think of another two years of this chutzpah machine.

Mario Valvo


:: t

There will be fewer people attending the UCLA game at the Rose Bowl as the UCLA team is below par, and the UCLA-Cal game has no worthwhile results, but attendance at many college football matches will be low as long as day depends on TV and time of games.

In the old days, when the audience in college was a spectator sport rather than a television show, games were held on Saturday evenings at 1 or 2 pm. I was attending these UCLA games so in Choliseum and later at the Bowl Rose and win or lose, I enjoyed them all. Ask me to drive to Pasadena late Saturday night, not to mention Friday night, to go home at 10:30 or 11:00 p.m. – not a chance.

Martin A. Brower

Corona del Mar

Diana to the top

The headline was a smart and funny way (“A variable force that performs a movable object”) to describe the conflict not directly to UCLA-Cal titanic.

You are keeping up a nice tradition of literacy and humor, and fostering a mature perspective on the often polluted and boring college sports and “student athletes” who play and are over-emphasized. I thank him.

Stephen C. Murray, Ph.D


Nothing new here

“A new inflammatory rule goes against everything that college football stands for” that is your own part of the Houston University football strategy.

College sports have always been away from what they are supposed to be? Graduate students play varsity due to technical technique. Everyone prefers to pay players and college teams as mini league licenses for the benefits. Any-and-done is okay. Trainers pay a huge salary. And cheating, of course.

Teams are loading with foreign recruits, not only the UCLA basketball team, but small sports like golf teams: three are the maximum and three. College sports should stand for participating students, not alumni talking to someone who is paid to come here and to function.

What surprises you?

Joel Athey

Village Glen

Dried up

River Hall is a green for the Hall of Fame. Good attendance is the key criterion, right?

Mike Kvammen

South Pasadena

:: t

I strongly believe that San Diego-Los Angeles Bears should move to Blythe instead of Inglewood.

The club has the line, the receivers and the back, but Old Man Rivers have stopped. Simply lose too much loss

Fred Wallin

Westlake Village

Where is the barrier?

Perhaps the reason is that a few black baseball professional players are there that a few really good black baseball player.

Similar to Divisions colleges in which there is diversity as a king, the best players are available to sports teams. Almost all the Division I basketball teams are the most blacks because their football players are well-known. I hope if you look at the majority of baseball teams of his Division 1 you will see most of white people.

Professional sports do not take care of your color or nationality as long as you are the best available talent.

Unlike academics, where you can handle statistics to achieve diversity, there is nothing to demand when assessing talent in athletics. You are pretty good or if you do not.

Any Division I athletic program or professional sports team says that we need more blacks, white, Asians, Hispanics, males or females. They do not just want the best talent regardless of diversity.

Jim Kussman


:: t

When Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier, all the owners, players and managers were Anglo or Hispanic. There were no African Americans at all in sport at all. Now see who is the leader in charge of the amp. He's a black man and he's running the show!

Nowadays, there could be no African-American players on the Dodger roster, but the manager is black and this could really be more important. Good players of all ethnic groups emerge, but perhaps Dave Roberts's position in the MLB's power structure is more prominent.

Mark Walker

Yorba Linda

Lost Paradise

Sorry due to loss of paradise High football team in the CIF Northern Championship game 30th November.

I learned and followed the team and its story in the ongoing series of articles made by Bill Plaschke about them. They are a great group of guys and coaches who had a great season, and nothing can bring them away. All winners, in my book.

Janet Spaulding


It's dangerous

In his search column on football and his role in the devastating death of Kevin Ellison, Dylan Hernandez is concerned with the aspect of American life that could be the last death of the game as it was at present. “The locals are fighting violence, as long as that violence is not directed at us,” Hernandez said and few people argue.

Would it add to the violence that is directed at those we love. One person feels that fewer mothers and fathers allow, because of what is now known about the risks inherent in the game, for their adolescents playing football. When that is dry, it's a game!

Skip Nevell

City of Angels

Lovers laker

It is beyond its prime. … He lost his hunger for competitions. He chose L.A. for biz not basketball show. . .

Everything I said about LeBron James, I return.

He is very happy with a player, and I am glad that Laker it!

Anthony Moretti


:: t

It is a happy holiday for the Lakers! There is no complaint or crying while they are coasting along a game to win! Did Laker fans forget something? Think of the Pelinka Rob dehydrated? I'm sure it's the person who implemented this current roster! Mr Pelinka is very quiet recently; reminds me of Jerry West when he creates a monster and sits quietly back in the shadows.

By the way, now Magic Johnson is free to mentor Ben Simmons! Everyone wins! Ho! Ho! Ho!

David Waldowski

Laguna Woods

Game name

Congratulations to Los Angeles Angels, who made the big announcement they are moving to Anaheim!

Richard Turnage


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El Sarri visits the Alcobendas track today

El Sarrià will try today to get what he could not do since October 10: win away from home. That day, the team of Salva Puig took the victory of the current second place, Villa de Aranda, and since then all his victories have come home, where he has not lost. The locals visit a Alcobendas (19.00) that has only one point less than they are in the standings.

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Sport compact: Klinsmann continues to win with Hertha – 2: 2 after 2: 0 lead

From "A" like American football over "F" like football to "Z" like decathlon: the world of sport is diverse. Tndersseins, "Ivan Zazzaroni wrote, adding that an" innocent headline "is" poisoned by those with poison. "The term" Black Friday "comes from the US and marks the start of Christmas shopping.

December 6: Klinsmann continues to win with Hertha – 2: 2 after 2: 0 lead

Jürgen Klinsmann narrowly missed the first victory in the second game as coach of Hertha BSC. The Berlin came in the evening to kick off the 14th match day of the Bundesliga Eintracht Frankfurt despite 2: 0 lead only to a 2: 2 (1: 0) and remain for the time being on the relegation place 16th After last five defeats in a row scored In front of 50,000 spectators Dodi Lukebakio (30th) and Marko Grujic (63rd) the Hertha goals. Martin Hinteregger (65) and substitute Sebastian Rode (86th) but prevented the fourth Frankfurt league defeat one after the other.

December 6: Tennis player Caroline Wozniacki ends her career

After the Australian Open is over: The Danish tennis player Caroline Wozniacki will end her active sports career next year following her last Grand Slam tournament. The 29-year-old said in an emotional post via Instagram, "I've achieved everything I've ever dreamed of in the field, I've always told myself when it's time to have things outside of the tennis, the I would rather do it, then it is time to do that ". Wozniacki debuted at the age of 15. In total, she won 30 individual titles, and was even for 71 weeks at the top of the world rankings.

Check out this post on Instagram

I've been playing professionally since I was 15 years old. In that time I've experienced an amazing first chapter of my life. With 30 WTA singles titles, a world # 1 ranking for 71 weeks, a WTA Finals victory, 3 Olympics, including carrying the flag for my native Denmark, and winning the 2018 Australian Open Grand slam championship, I've accomplished everything I could ever dream of on the court. I've always told myself, when the time comes, that there are things that I want to do more, then it's time to be done. In recent months, I've realized that there's a lot more in life that I'd like to accomplish off the court. Getting married to david (rheumatoid arthritis) (project upcoming) are all passions of mine moving forward. I'll be retiring from professional tennis after the Australian Open in January. This is not a goodbye, I am looking forward to sharing my exciting journey ahead with all of you! Finally, I want to thank all my heart, the fans, my friends, my sponsors, my team, especially my father, my husband and my family for decades of support! Without all of you I could never have done this!

A post shared by Caroline Wozniacki (@carowozniacki) on

December 6: For the climate: Real Madrid in green against Espanyol

Spain's football champions Real Madrid are green-minded and play green on Saturday at the first division match against Espanyol in the usual white jersey for home games. With the initiative, the royals want to announce their support for the World Climate Change Conference, which will take place in Madrid until December 13, the club said. For days now, a giant poster has been hanging on the façade of the famous Bernabeu Stadium, calling attention to the UN summit. According to the club, it will hang until the end of the conference, where measures are discussed in the fight against global warming.

5 December: Bayerischer Fußball-Verband excludes national league players for a kick-off

A Lower Bavarian amateur footballer has been excluded because of a violent scandal from the Bavarian Football Association. The man had kicked a downed opponent in a match of the national league center. The incident occurred in July. After a comprehensive sport juristic procedure, the player was now excluded these days, as a speaker of the BFV announced on request.

In addition, there was also an incident in a county class in Upper Franconia in which a goalkeeper attacked an opponent, injured and was therefore banned for two years. First, the "Bild" newspaper had reported about it. The blocked person must also attend an anti-violence seminar. On average, there are only about five such incidents and penalties per season in Bavaria, as the BFV spokesman said. Every year 267,000 games take place.

The match in Upper Franconia was prematurely stopped by the referee shortly before the end at the score of 4: 4, because the visiting team refused to continue after the incident. The match was scored 2: 0 for the team of the later suspended player.

5 December: Dusseldorf coach Funkel: In the past, smoking was in the cabin

Fortuna Dusseldorf coach Friedhelm Funkel considers the current footballers to be much more professional than previous generations. "Some players smoked there," said the 65-year-old in an interview with the "Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung". His players today are more meticulous "in the diet" and "during training."

"Every generation is different, the music is different, the haircuts are different, the tattoos are different, there used to be none, today there are many," said the coach of the Bundesliga club. With regret, however, Funkel noted the excessive use of his mobile phone. "If I sometimes look in the cabin after training, everyone sits there with their cell phone, everyone."

4 December: Bayern instead of Man City: Guardiola-slip makes for laughs

Actually Pep Guardiola has been working for more than three years at Manchester City – in the head of the Catalans but his former club Bayern Munich still seems to have a permanent place. After the 4: 1 victory of the English football champion on Tuesday evening in Burnley, the star coach made with a slip of glass for amusement in the press conference. When he talked about new signing Rodrigo, said the 48-year-old: "I think Bayern Munich … Bayern Munich?" and slapped his forehead with his hand. "Bayern Munich, what the hell? (What the fuck?) I do not know what I thought." After that, Guardiola made it clear that, of course, he said ManCity had signed an incredible player in Rodrigo for the next few years. Before his engagement in England Guardiola was from 2013 to 2016 coach at the German record champions FC Bayern.

December 4: Baden-Württemberg's Interior Minister wants to crack down on Bengalos

Baden-Württemberg's Interior Minister Thomas Strobl wants to crack down on the burning down of Bengalos in football stadiums. "For me, the overriding goal is that visiting a football game is a safe experience for young and old, for the whole family, and remains," said the CDU politician of the German Press Agency on Wednesday. He wanted to attend the Conference of Interior Ministers in Lübeck suggest that the law on explosives when purchasing and handling pyrotechnics is tightened and that disturbers in sports in the future, the driver's license can be withdrawn. Baden-Württemberg wants to bring in a corresponding draft resolution. According to the information of the Ministry of the Interior, the acquisition and handling of approved pyrotechnic articles are not punishable by law. This could be done away with in case the pyrotechnic articles are used improperly. Also, in the context of sports events, deprivation of the driving license under clause 69 of the Criminal Code should be considered. "This creates a new tangible sanction that is linked to the character of impropriety and is to be implemented under criminal law," the ministry said.

December 2: Mainz wins at Beierlorzer's home debut against Eintracht Frankfurt

The FSV Mainz 05 won the 23rd Rhein-Main-Derby in the Bundesliga 2: 1 (0: 1) against Eintracht Frankfurt. In the home debut of new coach Achim Beierlorzer won the Mainz outnumbered 33 184 spectators by goals from Karim Onisiwo (50th minute) and Adam Szalai (69). Eintracht Martin Hinteregger had brought Frankfurter into the lead in the 33rd minute. In the twelfth attempt missed the Hesse thus win in Mainz. Four days after the 2-1 in the Europa League at Arsenal, the team of coach Adi Hütter was very hard to outnumber. After the red card for Dominik Kohr (emergency brake / 44th minute) the guests had to make do with a half time with nine field players.

2 December: World footballer Lionel Messi also wins Ballon d'Or

Football star Lionel Messi won the Ballon d'Or in 2019 for the sixth time. The 32-year-old Argentinian from Barcelona won the French French magazine "France Football" on Monday evening at the Paris Theater du Chatelet. At the Fifa election, Messi had already been honored in September as a world footballer. Messi prevailed in this year's vote of international journalists and relegated Liverpool professional Virgil van Dijk, Cristiano Ronaldo of Juventus Turin and Sadio Mané (Liverpool) to the following places. Best German was goalkeeper Marc-André ter Stegen from FC Barcelona in 24th place. The Pole Robert Lewandowski from Bayern Munich reached the eighth place as the only nominee from the Bundesliga.

December 1: Unbidden guest at Klinsmann: man smuggles into training

An uninvited guest has smuggled into training at Hertha BSC. While prominent coach Jürgen Klinsmann talked with media representatives on Sunday about the 1-2 defeat of his new club against Borussia Dortmund, a young man mixed in original Hertha outfit in the training group. Since he was wearing a dark woolen hat next to a hoodie like the pros of the Berlin soccer first division, he was not immediately recognized. Later, the wrong player, who apparently made his joke still film, was sent off the court. According to information of the "Bild" newspaper, the man is said to be a Youtuber, who has also sneaked into training at Hannover 96.

December 1: Lewis Hamilton wins Formula 1 final in Abu Dhabi – Vettel only fifth

World Champion Lewis Hamilton has also won the Formula 1 season finale in Abu Dhabi. The English Mercedes driver crowned his 250th Grand Prix on Sunday with his eleventh victory this year. Hamilton set with 413 counters on a point record in the premier class of motorsports. Second on the Yas Marina Circuit was Max Verstappen in the Red Bull in front of Charles Leclerc. However, the Ferrari driver had to worry about his possible placement due to a possible gas flow. Sebastian Vettel landed in the second Ferrari on a disappointing fifth place and was only fifth in the championship standings.


Terrance Williams de Gonzaga decommits from Georgetown basketball

When asked if the allegations of Georgetown's players led to Williams' decision, his mother Melanie Williams said in a telephone interview: “After many discussions with his parents and his prayer, Terrance decided to reopen his recruitment because he was Now the best thing for him. He has to focus on his senior year to finish strongly, almost 4.0 GPA and his ultimate Gonzaga basketball season. ”

Williams's decision to re-open his recruitment was another significant blow to Georgetown's third year coach, Patrick Ewing. Williams, a 6-pound 6-pound ancestor, is the excellent recruit in Washington. It was the first 2020 of Ewing when he made oral in July.

Georgetown announced Monday night that a boot guard James Akinjo and backup Josh LeBlanc are shifting. A subsequent public record search by The Washington Post indicated that a temporary restriction order had been issued in DD. Superior Court contested LeBlanc and junior Galen Alexander after two complaints alleging burglary, sexual harassment and assault last month. The complaints also mentioned a new man forwarding Myron Gardner, although the two complaints did not mention Akinjo.

Alexander and Gardner stay with the team and played in the roles of Wednesday night in the Hoyas 81-74 victory at Oklahoma State.

Even before this week's turmoil, the visit of the unprecedented Cowboys was viewed as a significant test for Georgetown, who put a disproportionate play and unreliable scorers to the care of the team from Texas win at Madison Square Garden at the end of the month. November to home loss to UNC Greensboro Saturday. Prior to Wednesday, Oklahoma State (7-1) only lost nine non-congressions at home since 1987.

While the out-of-court allegations were over Ewing's program and Williams was released in another hit, a Wednesday game may have given at least a hint of how Ewing intends to reconfigure his roster in the short term.

The Hoyas (5-3) He succeeded against the Cowboys behind guard sophomore Mac McClung, the only member of the first full recruitment class left by Ewing; Terrell Allen's graduate transfer guard, who started Akinjo's place; and other transfer, the senior center Omer Yurtseven.

While McClung was the easy achievement with 33 season points (including four directions) in 34 minutes, Allen's steady hand at the point of guard could have been the more notable performance for Georgetown.

Allen had 15 points, five of which help two turnover in just over 33 minutes in his first start for Hoyas. A native of Maryland and a graduate of DeMatha High just outside Washington spent her freshman season of college playing for Drexel before moving to Central Florida. In Orlando, he helped guide the Knights to the second round of the NCAA's competition last season, making it one of the few players on Georgetown's roster with Madness March experience.

A gifted point guard is crucial for the Hoyas turnover, and on Wednesday, Allen increased.

So did McClung, who looked more like the incredible fresh men of last season than the inconsistent sophomore he had so far. His 33 points against Oklahoma State continued a nine-point performance against UNC Greensboro and a six-point night against Duke. Previously he scored 19 points against Texas and 25 against Georgia State.

Without Akinjo, the second scorer was played by the team after Yurtseven, McClung will be asked more of the terrible night to transport into and out night. He must be a support scorer for Yurtseven, who had 19 points and nine reversed and, critically, he stayed out of dirty trouble to play more than 35 minutes in the desperately desperate Wednesday.

But Wednesday's victory at a loss of recruitment on Thursday was upsetting. Williams would be very welcome next season, especially after LeBlanc's departure.

Williams represented 17.8 points and 7.3 on average last season against some of the area's best competition. It was named the first All-Met Washington Post team as a junior and third team All-Met as a shophomore. He chose Georgetown this summer over Notre Dame and Michigan.

Two players have promised at Hoyas now in Class 2020: Jamari Sibley four-star, 6-8 forward from Oak Hill Academy, is the eighth recruit in Virginia, and Dante Harris, 5-10 guard from Mary's Tenn.


Cavaliers shine Kevin Love with illness

Cavaliers star Kevin Love out with sick | FOX Sports

90.001-90.068 + 90.070-90.084 + 90.086-90.089 + 90091 + 90.093-90.096 + 90099 + 90189






The return to Barcelona of Kubo, the Japanese who has finished in the hands of Madrid (Toni Padilla)

Always accompanied by her silent mother, Takefusa Kubo (Kawasaki, 2001) has become accustomed to life in Palma. The young Japanese midfielder, ceded by Real Madrid to Mallorca, began on the bench, but little by little a place has been made on the home team. "He will be a great player. Right now it is, but calm down. There is talk too much about him, "warned Vicente Moreno, who has seen how different Japanese journalists go on to follow the news of Mallorca just to see the evolution of a footballer who is 19 years old and is an absolute international. "It has incredible quality and has been fast adapted. Because he's already lived in Spain, he speaks Spanish perfectly and does not miss a joke, "said Salva Sevilla, one of the veterans of the team, about a young man who has spent most of his life dreaming of debuting at the Camp Nou dressed in azulgrana But now that he will finally debut, he will act as a soccer player in the rival team. And yielded by Real Madrid.

The friends of Takefusa Kubo explain that the days after returning to Japan were the worst of the life of this young soccer player. When in 2014 Barça was sanctioned for breach of the FIFA regulations regarding signing of soccer players under age, one of the names affected was that of Kubo, which had been discovered by Barça in Japan. The soccer player had to return home to continue playing, but the Barça club kept in touch with him. Kubo, in fact, did not hide when he debuted at the first Japanese division with FC Tokyo that his challenge was to return to Barcelona. And within the club he was confident that he could do it again once he was of legal age, by military man to the branch waiting for the jump to the first team. The fact of having the subsidiary in Second B, however, did not help. And according to the directive, neither the economic and sports pretensions of a young person who became a star in his country. When Barça showed up cold, Real Madrid appeared to offer six years of contract, with more than one million euros a year of salary and the possibility to be part of the dynamics of the first team, without guaranteeing minutes, or leave assigned to First. And so Kubo finished in Mallorca, where he has already premiered as a scorer.

Past Blaugrana

Born in Kawasaki, near Tokyo, in 2009, he participated in a summer campus that Barça organized, the best player of all who participated and who won the right to go to Belgium to participate in a training football tournament with other Japanese children controlled by the club's schools. Then, Kubo played in a modest Kawasaki club, Persimmon, and the family wagered everything for Barça, allowing that trip to Europe. Kubo was again chosen MVP for that tournament, and it was then that Barça decided to invite him to Barcelona to take a test at La Masia in April 2011. Kubo convinced himself, He went to La Masia, where he became part of the C-League team, although he had to pack his bags when the club was penalized for playing football players like him. Kubo left Barcelona promising to return to play at the Camp Nou. But nobody expected it to be with Mallorca.

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How David Fizdale spends the ultimate fate of Knicks

The inevitable thing was done on Friday afternoon. The Knicks dug David Fizdale after 84 games and there were only 21 victories. It was thought this year was different, after Marcus Morris, Julius Randle, RJ Barrett, Taj Gibson and Wayne Ellington. Instead, with a 4-18 record, the season was getting worse in some way than was tancathon last year, when the Knicks were trying to lose.

Here are five minutes that led to this day:

July 1st

Fizdale's magnetic personality was designed to make the Knicks a player in a free agency. Instead, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant joined the competing nets. The Knicks were not even taking a meeting with Kawhi Leonard. Kemba Walker, a native of Bronx, signed the Celtics. Jimmy Butler went to the Heat. The Knicks tried to turn a free agency as a result, signing good players to short contracts, hoping that this was the first step towards respect.

“There were a lot of high-end players that we might be interested in coming here. We had a certain way that we wanted to build this team. This is how we chose to build it, ”said president Steve Mills in September.

fizdale dvid fired history knicks record
Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post

In reality, it was a great disappointment, and Fizdale's connections could not even give them a superstar player.

November 11th

The Knicks do not show any home loss for the Cavaliers, which lost 21 falling points to 2-8. The game is however pales compared to the post-match fireworks, where Mills and general manager Steve Perry meet with the media in an informal press conference before Fizdale. It is a wonderful sight. Usually only the coach speaks after games. The first sign that Fizdale is in trouble.

“We have patience and believe in a coach, and we believe in the group we put together,” Mills said. “But we also know that… we need to find a way to have a consistent level of effort and enforcement.”

20 November

The Knicks have some actual momentum, with two victories in the previous three games. They are playing well in Philadelphia, directing the 76ers competitor under 17 late points in the third quarter. But before anyone can do this as a result, they fall apart, they reached 35-25 in the last quarter.

“We played hard and competed for four quarters,” said Morris afterwards. “As long as we are competing with our donkey, that is all I can ask. I am proud. We fought. ”

The Knicks have never won and lost eight straight games.

November 29

The 76ers do it again with the Knicks, rallying from 16 down, this time in the Garden. The Knicks keeps the result on 31-18 (after the first quarter) and 51-39 (half-time) and still can not finish despite the fact that Al Horford and Josh Richardson are starting without Philadelphia. 19-of-33 shooting with the free-worn line, not a long-season problem, because they lose their fifth straight game.

“You can't lose 14 free missions in a game against such teams in a close-up game,” said Fizdale. “At the end of the day, I thought the free throw line was the biggest problem we had. … With our error margin we don't have that luxury. ”

December 5th

Three days after 44 points loss of shame on the Bucks, Knicks made 40 points again in town 37 point loss on the buttons. The game is closed in the second quarter, before Denver hits a 17-1 race from heavy boos from the Garden crowd. After the game, Fizdale asks for the performance “getting weaker.” He's fired the next day.

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La tidal wave, protagonist of the Canary Nautical Week

We continue with adverse conditions in the maritime area of ​​the Canary Islands and today the strong swell was almost more prominent. Early in the morning, the Race Committee decided to lower the Delta flag for the Snipe, Standard and Radial Laser, 2.4 mR and Hansa 303 classes, while the 420, Tehcno, 29er and F18 remained on the ground.

The race program included 3 races for today. The Laser complied with the planned, located in the Charlie field, the furthest from La Laja Beach and where this XXI edition is concentrated, a powerful fleet of great sports level by participating international figures, some already qualified for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games or various pre-Olympic teams. In the Radial category as soon as the first test began, the Dutch athlete Marit Boumeester showed why she has 2 Olympic medals, winning the three races without problems. Although the British Alyson Young, surpasses Boumeester in the current ranking of the World Sailing where the main international tests are computed, failed to overcome another component Dutch team Maxime Jonker second ahead of the British. The first Spaniard in the provisional one, is Alfonso Fernández from Tenerife at the moment fifth of the general behind the Italian Silvia Zennaro. The Gran Canaria sailor Martina Reino is on this day in 20th place in the table, with three partial discreet (18-17-23) while Carlota Sánchez is twenty-seventh, Margarita Iess thirty-first and Pilar Iess thirty-second.

“In this regatta are the top ten of Radial's last World Cup. I am taking the opportunity to measure my evolution with these conditions that are not the ones that benefit me the most. There are times when I have been closer to my companions and that has helped me to internalize that the next two days, in which the conditions are expected to improve, I can advance in the classification, "said Martina Reino once on land.

In the Standard Laser class, the representative of the RCNGC Joaquín Blanco (1-2-4) is a leader after having a nice fight with his club and pre-Olympic team mate, Joel Rodríguez (3-1-5) who is also tied to points with the Italian Giovanni Coccoluto, third after today's regattas.

The Snipe class has a bulky fleet of 29 ships, with prominent sailors such as the Fernando León Olympic gold medal, the two-time world sub-champion Gustavo del Castillo or the current bronze medal of the last world class of the Jordi Triay class. There is the circumstance that del Castillo and Triay until now great rivals, have joined forces sailing together and the result has been very satisfactory, leading the table by winning the two races played in this class, followed by Fernando León / Antonio del Castillo Olivares ( RCNGC), closing the Valencians Juan Deben / Miguel Cebolla de Pablos. Highlight the withdrawal to land of six ships of this class, for various breakdowns caused by these conditions.

The adapted sail, has Finland dominating in the 2.4 mR class with Janne Laine and Anna Liisa Oxby in the first two positions, with the Juan Miguel Martínez grancanario closing the positions of honor. In Hansa Jaime Lang Lenton, Daniel Llaca and Moisés Farías, the three of the RCNGC, have been fighting for the first three positions. . (tagsToTranslate) tidal wave (t) protagonist (t) week (t) nautical (t) canaria


Advantage for Kramp-Karrenbauer: The crisis of the SPD becomes an opportunity for the CDU leader – politics

Thomas Strobl broke out of the agreed line. A minority government could be an "option" if the SPD left the coalition, the Baden-Württemberg speculated three days ago. Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, on the way in faraway Afghanistan, was not satisfied with the opinion of her Vices.

For the head of the CDU, the crisis of the SPD is an opportunity to profile itself as a leading figure with clear announcements and a straight course. When people talk confusedly and spread contradictory signals, that bothers them.

The defeat of Olaf Scholz and his partner Klara Geywitz was not a nice surprise for the Union. Hardly anyone is keen on a coalition failure and rapid new elections at the CDU and CSU. CSU boss Markus Söder has the municipal election in March firmly in view. A heated Bundestag election campaign at the same time would endanger Söder's patriotic embrace strategy.

Kramp-Karrenbauer could theoretically exploit a coalition break to pull the chancellor's candidature at lightning speed. As a risk player by nature and as a chair of office, she would be at an advantage over others. But the Saarlander also knows that she has to slowly work her way out of the polls to get into an election battle that will be doubly difficult without Angela Merkel at the top.

A minority government also irritates only a few in the CDU. The beautiful theory – a cabinet of Union Ministers! – opposes the sad practice. Instead of making "pure CDU" policy, the government would have to make even more compromises than now to find majorities in parliament. As Defense Minister, AKK would be particularly hard. It would also be hard to imagine a powerful EU Council Presidency in the second half of 2020.

The SPD duo is in a dilemma

The course of the SPD party congress, however, speaks for the fact that the question of a minority government does not arise at all. Kramp-Karrenbauer did not believe it anyway, not even when Norbert Walter-Borjans and Saskia Esken outclassed the vice-chancellor's team. She knows the dilemma that comes in the new bosses who just win the race. She, too, had to approach the losers after the victory over Friedrich Merz and thereby frustrate her followers.

The SPD duo is in the same dilemma. The head of the CDU has even made it easier for the two of them to swivel from the anti-Groko fund to the Realo camp. She deliberately made her agreement with Olaf Scholz public that the basic pension compromise will be implemented only when it is clear that the coalition holds.

That SPD left indignant about "blackmail", shows how exactly the maneuver met. Since then, the price of getting out in the shop window was clearly visible to every SPD delegate.

If at the same time the message stuck in her party: "The boss had previously crafted cunning, so we will not be ripped off," then the Kramp-Karrenbauer would be doubly right. The next leadership test is waiting for them now: keeping their own troops in line and at the same time negotiating so hard with the new SPD leadership that nothing gets any value – but the black Peter still stays with Walter Borjans and Esken.