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A & M Braden Mann Named Ray 8 Ray Guy Award for Week 9

Texas A & M Football's Braden Mann was named Ray Ray's Ray 8 Award after the Aggies' 24-17 victory over the Mississippi State, the Augusta Sports Council and the Ray Guy Award announced Monday.

Against the Bulldogs, Mann hit three times, three being shot inside the 20 and two to 10 meters. Mann had the opportunity to give a hand on the A & M side of the field and made a runner of 58 runners jump who could not be fired. For the year, Mann gives 48.88 yards per puck to the NCAA as he looks to lead the country for the second consecutive season.

Last year, Mann won just about every possible award for his efforts, including SEC Special Player of the Year Award, Ray Guy, which is awarded annually to the country's best bettor. He was unanimously American and was honored by USA Today, CBS Sports,, Sports Illustrated and Pro Football Focus.

In 2018, Mann put the ball in the line of 20 meters on 18 of his kicks. He had even registered four tackles and forced a fumble in the cover. Last September, Alabama No. 1, Mann broke the NCAA high gross average in one game at 60.8 yards on five boots, beating the previous record of 60.4. in 1983 and matched in 2010.

The Texas A & M unit led the FBS in net net-dropping to 45.0 yards in 2018 and became the first team since BYU in 1983 with an average of 45.0 net yards per punt in a full season. In FBS history, only one team that does not play at high altitude averaged more than 45.0 yards per game – Southern Miss in 1972, led by legendary punter and legendary Ray Guy.

Opponents returned a high SEC 21 punts against him last year but This is because Mann often throws the ball over the heads of returning players. Even when they lined their kicks, their blocking had often failed and they were attacked within 50 to 60 yards by the first pair of cover (their opponents averaged six yards per return against the Aggies in 2018). People often forget that he also handles picks and that the Aggies led the SEC with respect to the opposing returns, only 17 yards per return (most SEC teams allowed 20 yards). by return or more).

As a result, Mann adds 5 to 10 yards to each opponent's possession against the Aggies in kickoffs and kick returns. They do not keep track of these things, but their opponents usually have one, maybe two, outside their 25-yard starting line. As a result, their training often failed before they were able to score because they took so long to drive in the field and make mistakes of one kind or another. In addition, Mann often brought the ball out of danger for A & M from inside his 20-yard starting line and canceled what should have been an excellent starting position for the opponents (especially in the from Clemson and Kentucky).

The 8 Ray Bettors are eligible to be named Punter of the week for the eighth week games announced on Tuesday, Oct. 22 at 9 am (CT).

Ray's 8 – Week Eight

Braden Mann, Texas A & M

Dane Roy, Houston

Devin Anctil, State of Kansas

Dom Maggio, wake forest

James Smith, Cincinnati

Joseph Charlton, Caroline from the south

Michael Sleep-Dalton, Iowa

Tommy TownsendFlorida

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Football: Look at the action after Ohio's victory over Ball State

Ohio beat Ball State 34-21 on Saturday, after 316 yards on the ground and a high-quality defensive performance that allowed the Cardinals to get the lowest score of the season. The Bobcats have made remarkable progress to become a more complete team and improve their defensive stunts since the beginning of the season.

Nathan Rourke's Run Game

Due to the rainy conditions, the quarterback had to rely more on his current game to make sure the Bobcats' offense stays afloat.

This plan could not have worked better. Rourke led Ohio with 127 yards rushing and two touchdowns in the last 18 attempts and was successful despite the fact that the Bobcats have reduced their game log to fit the miserable weather.

All this has happened also against a defense of quality. The Cardinals are fourth in the Mid-American conference in terms of the number of rushing yards allowed per game, but they could not stop Rourke and half-offs De'Montre Tuggle and O'Shaan Allison from bringing back Ohio on the ground.

A statistic namely: Rourke is ninth in the conference with 536 rushing yards this season.

All about defense

Ohio was to play its best game of the year in defense when it wanted to stop Ball State, entered Saturday with the highest ranked offensive of the conference.

That's exactly what happened, and Ohio might not have a better game of its defense all season. This is not a bad thing. It will be hard to beat a performance that included four sacks and a third to third ratio. The Bobcats also beat Drew Plitt, one of the conference's top quarterbacks, 109 yards.

Of course, the rain certainly played in Ohio's favor, but she's waiting for a quality defensive game all season. Now he has one. Suddenly, the problems which darkens the defense barely 14 days ago, has long since appeared in the past.

Offensive line

Everything seems to be a click away with Ohio, and this includes his offensive line, which has not allowed a bag in his place in the last two games.

The Bobcats were not going to play a good match without a strong offensive line performance, which allowed them to make their way with the Cardinals' defense, which recorded four sacks of the week earlier against Toledo.

"I think they have improved every week," said Rourke. "We asked a lot of our off-line about the option and the material we asked them to do right off the bat. It's great to be able to do these things with these guys. "

Stock low

Effectiveness of the red zone

We're a little crazy here, but it's probably the biggest improvement Ohio can bring.

The Bobcats could put the game out of reach in the second quarter if they converted two goals of Louis Zervos less than 25 meters in touchdowns. Ohio was still leading 13-7 at half-time, but he could have had a much bigger cushion if those orders were not blocked.

Ohio is not too worried, but coach Frank Solich still wants training to end with seven points, not three.

The rest of MAC East

The Bobcats victory over the first team at MAC West is a source of trouble for MAC East, which had a difficult start to the season.

Ohio joins Miami as the only two teams with a 3-1 record. They will play on November 6th at Peden Stadium, and that could decide who will go to Detroit for the MAC Championship game in December.

At this point, there is not much hope for Buffalo – who deserved this trip last season but is now 2-2 in the division – or any other team at MAC East.


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A high school footballer surprised alone in front of the camera to pay tribute to an American anthem, viral pass online

The patriotic gesture of a high school footballer filmed frankly in front of the camera became viral after its publication on social networks. On the way to football, while he was in the parking lot, the young man heard the national anthem and stopped to put his hand on his heart in the honor of this one. He had no idea anyone was watching, which makes this gesture so impressive.

Jacob Pope is a junior at South Davidson High School in Davidson County, North Carolina. It was Friday, Sept. 27, as the young man headed for his usual football training when he heard the American national anthem of the school's softball game. Without thinking twice, the teen stopped and put his hand on his heart for the duration of the hymn.

"There was no one there," said Jacob, according to WGHP, "I stopped because it was the right thing to do."

So proud of this South Davidson student. He was alone in the parking lot and heard the national anthem playing at …

اس پر Angie Gallimore was invited to participate on December 27, 2019

Unbeknownst to him, Angie Gallimore, substitute teacher, saw the beautiful gesture of the teenager and took a picture. "I just thought it was incredible that he showed respect and character when no one was watching," Gallimore explained.

She then asked permission from her parents, Lauren and Chad Pope, to post the comforting photo on Facebook. "She wanted to point out how proud he was and how special it was to do something like that when no one was watching," Lauren Pope told WGHP.

The substitute teacher shared the photo on the social media platform with a caption that said:

"So proud of this student from South Davidson. He was alone in the parking lot and heard the national anthem playing himself at the softball game. He goes to football training. He stopped and put his hand on his heart. There is still hope for this world.

اس پر Jacob Pope was invited to participate on August 9, 2017

As soon as Gallimore posted the photo, the community's reactions began to multiply, praising Jacob and his nature. "This boy is well educated!" Reads a comment. Another said, "I'm sure his parents are proud. They raised a wonderful son. A Facebook user even described the photo as "treasure".

His mother found the incredible reactions overwhelming. "It often makes me cry by reading only some of the positive things that people have said about her character," Lauren said with tearing, according to WGHP.

Stock Illustration – Shutterstock | In green

The young man, however, described himself as "shocked" by the amount of attention he receives. From his point of view, he acted simply as he usually did and was high. "No matter how much negativity goes on in your life, always do the right thing," he said for WFMY News.

And for Lauren, seeing her son honor the hymn is a testimony not only of his character, but also of his education. As she poignantly told Yahoo Lifestyle:

"You always worry and wonder," are you doing the right thing? Do you raise them properly? Will they become good adults who work? He did it when no one was watching. He could just as easily have come home and no one would have known the difference. He did what he needed, whether he was alone or in a crowded room.


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Chinese football emo Chinese rockers performs in Manila

Emo Chinese rockers Chinese football

MANILA – From American football to Chinese football.

The Chinese Indian rock band Chinese Football will perform in Manila on Thursday, October 31 at Mow's, just months after their inspiration, American football, hit those shores.

We spoke with Wuhan-based singer and guitarist Xu Bo on the eve of their first ever tour of Southeast Asia with Manila, their fourth stop after playing in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Xu admitted to being weaned on American football, including singer and guitarist Mike Kinsella.

"Their creativity and passion inspired me," he said. "But Chinese football is not only about my taste, but the preference of all four of us."

Li Lixin on bass, Wang Bo on guitars and Zheng Zili on drums are also among his team mates.

Together, they made themselves known as the region's best indie group, having triumphed in Hong Kong and Japan, while being considered the "emo kings" of China.

Chinese football was formed in 2011 and at that time, American football was always on hold. Their US counterparts went on leave for an indefinite period, despite the recording of a critically acclaimed debut album in the late 1990s. American football came together in 2014 and has since released two more albums. They recently played in China, with the opening of Chinese football.

"It was a surreal experience," Xu said. "It was a dream come true, even when they were not together, I had the impression that one day we would have the opportunity to play with them." It was therefore surreal to see him finally arrive.

The American football drummer Steve Lamos thanked the compliment during his concert in Manila saying: "Chinese football is a very good group. You should watch them.

And now, Filipinos will have this chance on October 31st.

The group is by no means left out. Since their formation in 2011, they have been a draw in China and around China. They recorded an eponymous debut, considered a sacred Grail for record collection. With fans offering to buy the vinyl record for $ 250, it is amazing that the album has never been sold, even on Discogs.

The emo / match rock team has also released three long tracks, as well as two seven-inch singles, including one with Japanese band The White Tulips.

"I think we're lucky," Xu said. "Our hometown, Wuhan, is famous for its punk rock scene, but thanks to the Internet, we were able to communicate with people outside our city. In fact, once a week, we play outside of Wuhan. And this tour will find us in Southeast Asia for the very first time. We are excited because everything is new. Plus, we want to try local food wherever we go!

"And we are looking forward to seeing our show in Manila!"


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Stop working to watch football: the dream life of a superfan?

Jessica Malone with friends from Flamengo v Atletico Mineiro at Rio Maracana stadium

She left her job, has no home and plans, but six months later, Jessica Malone attended 60 football matches in 13 countries on three continents.

The American, who has even christened her dog named Zinedine Zidane and has a particular fondness for Newcastle United, has visited 44 stadiums since she did her job in April to watch football.

Aged 33, he used airline miles to travel to Europe, staying in hostels, before flying to South America and Central America to attend at some of the biggest games in the world.

No work, no house, no projects

Malone, who worked for an environmental consulting firm for 10 years, submitted her two-week notice in April after personal circumstances left her wondering what to do next.

She "had not planned to stop", but with the Women's World Cup in France at the turn, she decided to pack her bags early.

"It was unexpected – in fact, I had been living on a construction site for six months with all my belongings stored," says Malone. "I did not have a place to live, so when I quit I did not put all my travel plans in place, but I just knew I had to leave and understand later.

"I thought about the first thing I wanted to do and that was to see Lionel Messi play, I had some stadiums and some teams in the lead, I thought if I did not see them play during that time in my life, when do you do it? "

Malone won Barcelona's first leg in the Champions League against Liverpool at Nou Camp

Over the next two months, Malone has traveled to Spain, France, Italy and Hungary and visited some of Europe's largest stadiums, including Barcelona's Nou Camp and San Siro's. AC Milan.

Her dream came true when she saw Messi leave the bench to score the winning goal against Levante, who allowed Barcelona to win its 26th Liga title at the end of April, before seeing his team beat Liverpool 3-0 in the first leg. their semifinal League champions four days later.

Malone says she thought Barcelona had the Champions League semi-final "in the bag", adding: "Looking back, it was completely surreal!

"Watching Messi play was amazing, everything goes through him, I watched so many football games but watching him play was magical."

Zizou, Shearer and St James's Park

Malone has visited some of England's biggest fields, including Old Trafford, Anfield, Wembley, Emirates, Stamford Bridge and Etihad Stadium.

But St James's Park of Newcastle United is his favorite.

"I really loved it! I saw Newcastle's Premier League win over Manchester United and it was unbelievable. I love the older stadiums, so one of the best." Between them is really special – I was looking forward to it for a while. "

Malone watched Newcastle beat Manchester United 1-0 at St James's Park

Malone's passion for Newcastle comes from the 1998-99 season, when Alan Shearer ended the campaign as the club's top scorer with 21 goals. Newcastle finished 13th but was FA Cup finalist.

"I do not have a favorite club team, so I'm still trying to support the lesser known in America." Newcastle does not have a lot of followers here in the United States ", she says.

"I had already been to Watford v Newcastle in December and the fans outside had spent the entire match singing, so I figured I had to go to a home game with these people! "

It is in 1998 that Malone's love for football began. The United States men's national team lost all three World Cup group games, but Malone, "obsessed with the Spice Girls", focused on the English team, including Shearer.

"I remember watching the game against Argentina [when England had lost on penalties] and to be feeling anxious and devastated for no reason because I was not there. I had no connection with either team! I loved this World Cup and I named my dog ​​Zizou after Zinedine Zidane. "

Archive: Beckham returned to 1998 World Cup

Back to work

After exploring Europe, after visits to the Johan Cruyff Arena of Ajax and the Stadio Olimpico in Rome, Malone flew to Brazil, Argentina and Portugal. ;Uruguay.

It was a bold decision as a solo traveler, but Malone said she "spent a lot of time planning" every trip.

"Because I'm unemployed, I've had the time to do some thorough research on this stuff," she says. "I love kicking the day, but in Europe, they were often later.I'm trying to be careful.I do not wear anything shiny and I do not really drink when I go to games alone. "

Malone often questions why she is watching football, which can be "exhausting".

The last match of Malone was the semi-final of the Copa Libertadores in La Bombonera in Buenos Aires

"When I went to Russia for the World Cup, I was asked, at a fan festival, why I was there." They asked me if I had a small friend or husband and I had to explain that I was there alone, like everyone else.

"But there are so many women in the South American and Central American games who are extremely passionate, so people do not even ask for it."

Malone's trip ended on Wednesday with his last match – the second leg of the Copa Libertadores semi-final between the old rivals River Plate and Boca Juniors.

"It's a game I would never have thought of approaching! It's crazy that the dates and times went well," said Malone. "I started looking for work again in October and it's time to go back to work.

"I feel like I did what I had to do."


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Dr. Bennet Omalu makes an impassioned appeal to the authorities to ban the headers of players under 18

Last week, a study found that former footballers are three and a half times more likely to die of brain disease than others. Dr. Bennet Omalu, a world expert who first discovered chronic brain trauma in American footballers, makes a passionate appeal to the authorities to ban football players under the age of 18. . .

A big heavy object is heading towards you – so what are you doing to block it? Use your hands, maybe, or your feet? But why would you use your head?

Yet this is what happens daily on sports fields across the country. Children are encouraged to steer footballs – sometimes weighing up to a few pounds.

I'm not used to dramatic language, but situations sometimes justify it – and the need to ban football matches for young people under 18, when their fragile brains are not yet fully developed and they are most likely to be damaged, is an urgent situation.

Whenever a child guides the ball with his head into the net, this can cause microscopic lesions to the brain. These are not vain speculations, it is a scientific fact.

Whenever a child guides the ball into the net with his head, he can cause microscopic lesions to the brain (picture in stock)

Whenever a child guides the ball into the net with his head, he can cause microscopic lesions to the brain (picture in stock)

When the head hits the ball, the brain, which floats freely around the skull, will be shaken, potentially causing sub-concussion lesions, lesions of brain cells that are not severe enough to cause symptoms instantly, but cumulatively, as the cape is. repeated, can be devastating.

In addition, the brain is a post-mitotic organ – that is, it has no reasonable ability to regenerate.

This is why taking the lead could lead to a devastating diagnosis, for example, of dementia in the years to come – and at an earlier age than it would normally attack. My eyes opened to this risk when, in 2002, I was asked to autopsy the legendary American footballer Mike Webster, who died at age 50.

The cause of death was a heart attack, but as a neuropathologist, any change in the brain naturally interested me.

During the autopsy, I made an astonishing discovery: to find changes that should not have been present in the brain of a man of his age.

I've found signs of a disease never before identified in football players: chronic traumatic encephalopathy or CTE, a neurodegenerative disease caused by repeated head injuries. As such, it was the first tangible evidence that football could cause irreversible brain damage.

In the United Kingdom, the British Football Association does not currently believe that there is enough evidence to remove the child's football header, but in the United States the authorities have a problem. different view.

In 2015, the US Football Federation announced an innovative ban on headers for children 10 years old and under and a similar ban on 11-13 year olds. It was an admirable security initiative, but I do not think it's enough.

The ban should be extended to 18 years, when the brain will be fully developed and therefore more able to withstand damage.

In 2015, the US Football Federation announced an innovative ban on headers for children ages 10 and under and a similar practice limitation for children ages 11 to 13 (stock image)

In 2015, the US Football Federation announced an innovative ban on headers for children ages 10 and under and a similar practice limitation for children ages 11 to 13 (stock image)

I also think that younger children should play a modified type of football where there are fewer contacts and where football is bigger and lighter, which reduces the impact on football.

As for adults – well, I can not tell anyone what to do. But it is my duty as a physician to emphasize the inherent risk.

The more you hit the head, the more likely you are to damage your brain, no matter how old you are.

Some will say that if you delete the topic, football will be ruined as a sport. I do not agree. It is simply a matter of adapting techniques to ensure safety without discouraging participation.

In 1976, The Lancet newspaper published an editorial stating that it was unwise that man intentionally inflicts brain damage to the sport while it could be avoided. Of course, accidents happen. But to intentionally and falsely subject people to brain damage is meaningless.

Football, or football as it is known in the United States, is the largest sport in the world and the United Kingdom is the pioneer. We must embrace the truth, no matter the inconvenience.

Nobody wants to ban the sport. It's about managing the risk. The title should not have a place in football.

  • Dr. Omalu is an Associate Clinical Professor of Medical Pathology at the University of California.


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Argentina meets Brazil and Uruguay at home

Argentina will face Brazil in Saudi Arabia on November 15 and Uruguay in Israel four days later, tweeted the Argentine Football Association (AFA).

The head coach of Argentina, Lionel Scaloni, will be free to call back his captain, Lionel Messi. (IANS Photo)

The head coach of Argentina, Lionel Scaloni, will be free to call back his captain, Lionel Messi. (IANS Photo)


  • Argentina will meet its South American rivals, Brazil and Uruguay, at international friendlies next month
  • Albiceleste will face Brazil in Saudi Arabia on November 15th
  • The head coach of Argentina, Lionel Scaloni, will be free to call back his captain, Lionel Messi.

Two-time world champion, Argentina will meet next month its South American rivals Brazil and Uruguay.

Albiceleste will face Brazil in Saudi Arabia on 15 November and Uruguay in Israel four days later, the Argentinian Football Association (AFA) reported on Twitter on Monday, the Xinhua news agency reported.

The head coach of Argentina, Lionel Scaloni, will be free to recall his captain, Lionel Messi, who has served a three-month ban on the accused after accusing the South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) of corruption at this year's Copa America in Brazil.

The friendly matches will be Scaloni's last chance to test his team in match conditions before the South American zone qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup, which starts in March.

Earlier this month, Argentina drew 2-2 against Germany in Dortmund before beating Ecuador 6-1 in Alicante, Spain.

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The winless Dolphins defeat the Steelers Monday night


As TJ Watt brought down 36-year-old Ryan Fitzpatrick at the end of the fourth quarter, snatching the ball away from him like a heavy Black Friday customer arguing over an Xbox, Dennis Green's immortal words rang out Hot-blooded American who is convinced that Miami could succeed the impossible.


Yes, the Dolphins are definitely what we expected to be, since a 14-0 first quarter was evaporated thanks to the 27 unanswered points of the Steelers, who overcame a slow start to a 27-14 win. at Heinz Field Monday night.

But for 15 glorious minutes, the Dolphins looked like a real football team. Xavien Howard took advantage of the speed of interception for Mason Rudolph, one of the Dolphins converted to seven points shortly after. Their defense forced a downward turnaround, and Miami set up a 11-game touchdown and 63 yards on the next set. He was 14-0 Dolphins, 1:34 left in the first quarter.

As the second quarter continued and as Pittsburgh only realized one goal on the ground, the seeds of hope began to blossom into full bloom of conviction. Rudolph looked confused and hesitant, Miami's defense was swarming and Fitzpatrick seemed ready to perform another vintage Fitzmagic level performance (death by a thousand). But somewhere in all this is the simple fact that the Dolphins are a terrible football team and that they would soon make a terrible mistake.

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LSU WR Justin Jefferson about Alabama: "The time has come for the second part"

Justin Jefferson remembers the last time LSU beat Alabama.

He was not in high school yet and his brother Jordan was the starting quarterback of the Tigers.

"The last time we beat them, it was Jordan," Jefferson told reporters after LSU's 23-20 victory over Auburn, referring to the Tigers' Game of the Century "game of the season. Valley [9-6]. "It was in Alabama, it's time to move to the second part."

This season's game, played Nov. 9 in Tuscaloosa, is as important as the two teams ranked # 1 and # 2, respectively, in this week's AP poll. No regular season games in college football this season bring more NFL potential candidates, nor the implications of the LSU-Alabama playoffs.

In the Crimson Tide series of 8 consecutive victories in the series of rivalries, Alabama has been dealing with several LSU heavyweight teams, many anchored by American offensive midfielder Leonard Fournette. But Nick Saban's defense did not face such a powerful offense from the other sideline, powered by Heisman leader Joe Burrow, with a completion percentage close to 80%.

"We have always said that to put Bama on the heels, we had to spread the ball," said Jefferson, who runs LSU with nine receptions. "That's what we did this year and that's what we will continue to do."

Alabama players remained silent following Saturday's 41-point victory over Arkansas, the necessary hurdle that preceded the spring break before the season's biggest game . The Crimson Tide dominated the Razorback from start to finish, in a classic disappointment scenario before a big match, but that did not happen.

"It's a game that, if we had caught a poison for a rat, would not have focused on that game at all," said Saban, "on the basis of everyone and the community, the media and the people. fans, as well as questions. I am asked on the radio show and Nick at noon. I'm asked questions about the next game and we got this game. I'm really excited about how our players remained focused on what they had to do in this match so that we could improve as a team. # 39; team. "

Alabama linebacker, Terrell Lewis, is trying to resume the familiar approach of one game at a time with LSU looming.

"We have a week off first," he said this week. I will take care of my body, work, go to the weight room. I'm going to watch a movie, but other than that, I'm just going to take advantage of this week off to relax and get away from football, keep doing exercise and things like that, take care of my body. But other than that, we see LSU all the time.

"It will be just another match. We played in a lot of big games – 1 on 2 with Florida State, Georgia. It's another big game. LSU is always a great match. "

American Football

Angelo State football in the top 25 national

Buy a photo

Maxime from Angelo State University University will travel to the end zone for a choice of six against UT Permian Basin during a game played at the Lone Star Conference at LeGrand Stadium, at 1st Community Credit Union Field on Saturday, October 26, 2019. The ASU has improved to 7-1 5-1 in the game LSC with a blowout of 65-7. (Photo: Charles Bryce / San Angelo Standard-Times)

The Rams broke the Permian UT 65-7 pool last week to improve to 7-1 overall and 5-1 to the Lone Star Conference game.

The ASU is second in nine teams in the LSC standings, behind Tarleton State (4th) (8-0, 6-0).

The Rams are heading to Adams State (4-4) this week in a non-conference match in Alamosa, Colorado.

ASU is also ranked # 5 out of 39 teams in the Super region 4 ranking with three remaining games in the regular season. The top seven teams in this standings qualify for the NCAA Division II playoffs.

ASU plays Team # 6 in the regional ranking, Texas A & M-Commerce, November 16 in San Angelo.

The Rams have not reached the playoffs since 2014.