Carmelo Anthony is separated from Rockets after 10 games

Carmelo Anthony is separated from Rockets after 10 games

Carmelo Anthony's short stop at the Houston Rockets is over, the team confirmed Thursday night.

Anthony, a 10-time all-star striker, will leave the team after only 10 regular games of the season.

"After much internal discussion, Carmelo Anthony's rockets will separate and we are working on a solution," Rockets General Director Daryl Morey said in a statement. "Carmelo had a tremendous stance during his time with the Rockets and accepted every role that head coach Mike D & # 39; Antoni had given him.The fit we set ourselves when Carmelo signed with The Rockets has not established itself like any other result would have been unfair to him. "

Sources reported to ESPN that the missiles had no intention of immediately renouncing Anthony and would continue to allow their agents to search the market for a landing site that has been an ongoing process in recent days.

Since he has signed up as a free agent with the Rockets this summer, he can only be traded after the trade restriction of 15 December. A potential deal would be at least a month away.

Anthony's wisest course of action could be to exercise patience and allow changes in the current team line-up through business or injury to create more options for him.

The minimum wage of Antony's $ 2.4 million veterans could be claimed for waivers. Should he cancel, he can sign with a team.

Anthony, 34, left the team last Friday after the Rockets decided to minimize his role and stop seeing him as part of their plans. D & # 39; Antoni has allocated much of Anthony & # 39's playing time to novice Gary Clark. Anthony had hoped to continue with the Rockets, with whom he signed in the summer to secure a title.

D & # 39; Antoni and Morey have stressed that Anthony has fulfilled all the obligations and responsibilities required of him since joining the team.


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