ST. LOUIS • As the fanfare was last reserved for a Center Foldder with buttons, the Cardinals hoped they would rewrite and top the top of their lineup. On Friday, the officials introduced the bombed first baseman, who they believe will revitalize the center of command and return them to October.

Paul Goldschmidt was presented with his # 46 jersey on Friday morning during a press conference at Busch Stadium by President Bill DeWitt Jr. and President John Mozeliak.

"The Cardinals have had some impressive first basemen over the years," DeWitt said, then listed a group of Hall of Famers and MVPs ranging from Mize to Musial, McGwire to Pujols. "Paul fits in perfectly with our club. We felt we were so close to the playoffs that an additional Impact player could beat us. … It's an exciting day. "

Goldschmidt said of the list of the first basemen: "With this organization, you could say that to any position."

Mozeliak added: "Obviously a very exciting time Many of you will ask the question: Why Paul Goldschmidt? We just realize the importance of 2019. The most interesting thing about Mr. Goldschmidt was that we could not find anything negative about him. If you think of the St. Louis Cardinals, it just seems to be perfect, 2019 is important and our club is improved immediately. "

Mozeliak went on to say the team would try to add a lefty to the bullpen, a left-handed racket on the bench and a backup catcher.

"I do not know any baseball player who does not want to play here," said Goldschmidt. "There are organizations known for their size, and this is here, they knew this was an option, it upset me and my family."

Goldschmidt said he talked to Daniel Descalso and Jon Jay about the Cardinals, and he also talked to Tony La Russa and Dave McKay after trading to get a feel for the Cardinals' organization.

"All the lyrics and phone calls I received," you'll love it there, "continued Goldschmidt.

Mozeliak also heard from current Cardinals players, including an SMS from second baseman Kolten Wong, who wished opposing teams "good luck" and got a groundball through the right side of the infield. Mozeliak remembered this text message as his favorite message as he listed the various messages of his enthusiasm.

The six-time All-Star did not want to discuss in detail whether he would like to talk about an extension or the timing of such talks. He prefers to keep such things secret.

Goldschmidt said he chose No. 46 because it was closest to his No. 44, which was available. He said he never asked for a number in his career, and he only had the number 44 because it hung in his locker. Luke Gregerson is No. 44 in the Cardinals Clubhouse, and Goldschmidt pointed out that he had never asked for it, so Gregerson never had the opportunity to give it up.

The Cardinals tried to persuade Goldschmidt to a lower number, even one of the single-digit numbers available, but he declined and took 46.

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