The national team of Mexico still has no coach, after rumors indicating that the possibility of Gerardo Martino has cooled, the name of the Portuguese has sounded like one of the possible candidates for the 'Aztec' bench, however, at a conference press, Pedro Caixinha, Cruz Azul coach, was clear about his wishes and assured that he is not interested in the Mexican National Team, at least at this moment, since he has goals to fulfill with 'los celestes'. "I want to be here a long time, That's my focus, I've said it before, because it does not make me very ethical that people who are in an institution are talking in another institution or in Selection, I'm not like that, I live in the moment, the here and now for me it is to be extended as long as possible (to be in Cruz Azul), I am delighted to be in this institution, here are my objectives and I have no concern in relation to the future.To the National Team, not much thanks. "" If you are doing that to help the transparency of Mexican football, welcome, what I can tell you, in relation to the clubs that I have worked in Mexico, in terms of organization at that level of contractual situations, enforce them, pay your taxes when you must pay them , for my Santos and Cruz Azul are more than exemplary, at the level of for example Rangers of Scotland that has all that also in a very organized way, "he said.


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