BVB: Favre's big appetite for risk

BVB: Favre's big appetite for risk
  • Lucien Favre manages almost everything with Borussia Dortmund, although he also takes a lot of risks.
  • In the top match against Bayern met his half-time forecast fully: Bayern was tired, the BVB not.
  • CEO Watze praises the coach: "He has his own head, he has to have it."

From Carsten Scheele, Dortmund

The other day, on his 61st birthday, Lucien Favre had a glass of water. "Without gas," said the coach. The 3: 2 against Bayern must therefore have been a very special victory for the Dortmund coach, because Favre then broke with his drinking habits. No water, not even "with gas", he wanted to approve. But red wine, a whole glass.

Favre is currently experiencing exciting days in Dortmund. The Swiss may not be able to keep track of how much he and his team are doing at the moment. A few times he said "crazy" on Saturday night: "crazy", this second half, "totally crazy", the whole game. "Since I came here," said Favre, "I've seen a lot of crazy games."

Incidentally, here in Dortmund, Favre is only since the summer. Since then there was not only the intoxicating 3: 2 against Bayern. It was previously 4-0 against Atlético, the 4: 3 against Augsburg, the 4-2 in Leverkusen, by the way, after 0: 2-residue. Everything just coincidence? Hardly, because that BVB plays and wins, works only because Favre lets his team play as he envisioned.

Young intoxication against old hangover

The youthful BVB squad guarantees speed – the prerequisite for football success in 2018. While a class team is maturing in Dortmund, one seems to be wilting in Munich.

By Philipp Selldorf

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Favre was right: Bayern could not keep up the pace

Not everything is perfect, even on Saturday. Strictly speaking, the top game could have gone awry, if Bayern had better exploited its superiority until the break, instead of the goal of Robert Lewandowski already scored two or three. Then maybe Favre would have been asked what that was supposed to be with Julian Weigl at the Six, instead of the so strong Thomas Delaney. With Mario Götze in the Sturmspitze. With Paco Alcácer, Raphaël Guerrero and Christian Pulisic on the bench. In short, why he had just kept in the top match against Bayern on its rotation. Why he had to take so much risk.

But BVB is currently just so much wrong that Favre has time to fix it. There may be luck, but it is probably also a big piece of coaching skills. In any case, Favre's speech in the middle of the match brought the essence of the game and the whole dilemma of FC Bayern to the point: People, do not worry. Bayern can not keep up the pace. But we do.

It was certainly not the first time that BVB had to make a backlog this season. So far, Dortmund have scored 22 of their 33 goals so far after the break – it even seems as if Favre is calculating that the opponent should let off steam in the first half, so that he may run out of power later. With a restart, Favre brought the much stronger Mo Dahoud to Weigl and just had to watch from the sidelines as his forecast came in. Dortmund came through better with the counterattack, was even able to cope with another setback after the equalizer by Marco Reus, as the Bayern with the last Aufbäumen caused the 1: 2 by Lewandowski.

But again beat the BVB back. A magic spell, this full-risk volley from Reus, which Favre promoted to captain at the start of the season and has since seen in every game how right that decision was. Reus, 29, leads BVB as Favre wants. The relationship of trust between the two is also a reason why Dortmund is at the top.


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