Bundesliga: Schalke has to make the fight against Dortmund! - PICTURE

Bundesliga: Schalke has to make the fight against Dortmund! - PICTURE

Derby's Day! That means: despite 19 points behind Dortmund, Schalke fans are allowed to make all the table – at least for today – confidently. Without any interest, there is no relevance, it often goes away … Three years, the BVB does not win against your favorite enemy. Despite a more valuable squad, despite higher sales, despite talent flood and title ambitions. When it comes to the Derby, the Phott summit is still invisible.

For this reason, the football is not more emotional, more exciting, more beautiful. It is more important that Schalke will not lose contact with Dortmund in terms of sports and carbon technology. "60 years without skin" – the BVB toy has become accustomed to Blue suffering since then. But: battle relegation there is no Schalke trying to experience more!

Royal Blue is at the crossroads, it has to use the derby for an initial spice and eliminates the long-term empty crisis. In the short term, this can only be limited to attitude and fight personnel. In the long run, Schalke must get out of the e.V. romantic – one can only keep up economically. If today's freedom does not succeed, the coach Domenico Tedesco and Christian Heidel manager will definitely be in discussion, despite all the oaths of the loyalists and fans. From the morning the table is dependent! , The

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