Bundesliga: Hoeness puts pressure on Bayern players

Bundesliga: Hoeness puts pressure on Bayern players

Uli Hoeneß is serious. The professionals of Bayern Munich are playing for the time being on probation, the millions are ready for the next transfer offensive. "You have to tell the players that they will be under pressure for the next three or four months," said the president of the fifth German football champions in the kicker. Then you have to see "who is useful and who is not". These impressions would then influence the planned change in the coming summer. "It depends on how they play," Hoeneß clarified. This also means that whoever does not deliver will be mercilessly replaced. Because: Hoeneß repeated his fundamental intention, 2019 for new stars to reach deep into the bag.

Bayern will "do a lot," said the 66-year-old. According to kicker, investments of at least 200 million euros are conceivable. And also the first name of the journal. The commitment of World Champion Benjamin Pavard of VfB Stuttgart for committed 35 million euro transfer fee is already clear. Just like last summer, Kevin Vogt (TSG Hoffenheim) and Ante Rebic (Eintracht Frankfurt) could once again see Hoeneß. The same goes for Rebic's club mate Luka Jovic and Kai Havertz (Bayer Leverkusen) and Aaron Ramsey from Arsenal.

Already last Sunday, Hoeness had announced in the football talk "Wontorra" at Sky Sports News HD, the crew face in the summer "pretty much want to change. Even among the professionals, there are proponents of this project. "We have a very good team, but it has gotten a bit old," Kingsley Coman said on Wednesday: "At the right time, you also have to think about new players."

This time now seems to have come in view of the seven points behind a young, fresh Borussia Dortmund – and those of old stars like Franck Ribery or Arjen Robben finally come off. Jerome Boateng wanted to get rid of the bosses last summer, also Javi Martinez or the previously only borrowed James are viewed critically. Even Klubidol Thomas Müller or David Alaba are no longer inviolable.

"Ten per cent will to assertiveness are missing," Hoeneß has watched the stars. Passion, speed and hunger for success are qualities that the new ones should bring to the table. But still defend the "old". He is "not afraid of a change. And I do not think the other players either, "said Sandro Wagner. The current Munich troupe is still "by far the best in Germany – and therefore" clearly better "than BVB. The former national player stressed that he was "not the over-team".

Fifth place, added Wagner militantly, "that can not be the claim of Bayern Munich, not even of us personally. We have to become masters, everything else would be a big disappointment. "No one should get away with the reference to change, transitional year" or such a nonsense ":" Every single one has to see that he brings his own performance back. "Finally, the seventh championship in Series anything but written off, as Martinez emphasized: "We only think of the shell." And a bit of the future.


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