Bundesliga: Hannover 96 is looking for the right lever

Bundesliga: Hannover 96 is looking for the right lever

By Tobias Schächter, Frankfurt

The game was already 90 minutes over, in the cubicle wing of the Frankfurt stadium was repressed, only a few folders were still around. And Horst Heldt. The manager of Hannover 96 wanted after the 1: 4 at Eintracht but still get rid of his point of view. At first, he did not want to speak in TV cameras, but without comment, the sports director did not want to let the fourth loss in series stand in the room. Earlier, coach André Breitenreiter had already sought in detail the conversation with the reporters after the official press conference.

Hannover is only two points last, and the desolate appearance in Frankfurt was exactly this place in the table: "If you make as many simple mistakes as we do, it will be difficult to win games in the Bundesliga," summarized Breitenreiter. And because 96 is one of those traditional clubs where the mood can quickly turn into extremes, Heldt warned, "It's all about keeping calm and getting out there together, panic is definitely out of place."

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After the debacle of Frankfurt, Breitenreiter and Heldt did what was expected of those responsible: they lined up. On Monday, club boss Martin Kind said he had "full confidence" in the coach and manager. In Hannover, they want to master the low through demonstrated unity. Midfield veteran Pirmin Schwegler described the situation as follows: "In the beginning it was a result crisis, now it is a performance crisis."

Actually 96 was well started: two draws in Bremen and against Dortmund and a 6-0 in the Cup at the Karlsruher SC voted hopefully. But currently the team acts weaker from time to time: "Before the international break, we were satisfied, it was not clear that it will be," argued Heldt. He could not accuse the team of exuberance or overconfidence, but apparently the players lost more self-confidence with every defeat. In Frankfurt, his team had "collapsed like a house of cards," complained Breitenreiter. The coach now wants to wake up before the important home game against Stuttgart again the "basic virtues": "tackling, willingness to run and will." Heldt demands: "We have to invest more, that's the basis, we have to find leverage now, everyone is required."


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