Bundesliga: Boateng to the AFD: "We all have to be careful"

Bundesliga: Boateng to the AFD: "We all have to be careful"
  • Jérôme Boateng has commented critically on the election successes of the AfD.
  • He reports in an interview with the "Welt am Sonntag" of his own experiences with racism.
  • He also regrets the handling of the national team with Mesut Özil.

For football international Jérôme Boateng the fight against xenophobia is the most important social task in Germany. That said the 30-year-old the World on Sunday and added: "The fact that the AFD has recently received so many votes in the elections shows that, unfortunately, not everything is going in the right direction, so we all have to be careful." In 2016, AfD politician Alexander Gauland was indignant with the phrase that people did not want the dark-skinned Boateng to be a neighbor.

"The handling of people with a migration background is certainly one of the biggest challenges for our society at present," said the professional of Bayern. "And the fight against racism, because unfortunately I can still feel that." In away games in the Bundesliga some viewers make a monkey in his direction or roar "Scheißneger" on the square, as Boateng told.

At the same time Boateng confirmed that the selection during and after the failed World Cup in the case Mesut Özil made mistakes. The pro had been identified by some people – mostly with right-wing populist environment – as culprit for the tournament-off and insulted. Özil resigned from the DFB team and lamented racism. From national team manager Oliver Bierhoff and DFB boss Reinhard Grindel he did not feel defended against these accusations.

"I think we could have done more," Boateng said. "That would not have been so difficult – the Swedish team campaigned for insults against one of their players in a joint video against racism, which many of us found good on the team, I had goose bumps watching the video, but unfortunately we did not talked about such an action, in retrospect we could have done more for Mesut. "

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By Carsten Scheele



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