Boston Red Sox puts down the Dodgers

Boston Red Sox puts down the Dodgers

Throughout the eighth hour in his career, Clayton Kershaw only took five or more or more, and Los Angeles Dodgers lost the Game 1 of the World Cycle at 8-4 at Fenway Park Stadium on Tuesday. The World League ghosts won the three-year winner of the Cy Young Prize when Boston beaters were erased in the first inn, which allowed three successes and two runs. After the rainy afternoon, the clouds only took time for the first park and the 42-year temperature was successful during the game. Time was not waste on the board when it was leaving the gate shooting. The MVP in the future, Mookie Betts, went to the center of the unit, the second wins one base later, and then scored the first running of the 2018 World Series with one right right by Andrew Benintendi. Kershaw had eight starters in postgraduate post without permission. First inning, but on Tuesday he took two of them in Game 1 of the World Cycle. The first rise in the World Series dish Matt Kemp decreased three sales members to send it to the seats on the Monster Glas and the Dodgers are released on the scoreboard. The ninth blue and white played the game in a non-chaotic way in the third inning crop through just three singles to operate and fill the level of the competition. Martinez continued to deal with Kershaw with the doubling of a producer at the bottom of the third inning to give the Red Sox 3-2. After a walk, leaving the game's departure, Justin Turner continued with one field left and the two run up in a uncontrolled park by Matt Barnes. A few squares later, Machado met to the second base, and scored on the racing of equality in the area's choice. Kershaw half fell. He succeeded in the third place with an open walk to Betts, and his third person went up to Benintendi before leaving the game to enter his place Ryan Madson. Madson thought that Martinez had not been able to hit the loaded tires and stimulate a short attack, but Xander Bogaerts succeeded in having the opportunity to challenge one step, giving the score a chance. After Rafael Devers met one area correctly and successfully achieved the Red Sox 5-3. Kershaw (2-2)) did not have his best skill in Game 1, allowed five runs, three walks, and only five in four were able to hit. Machado hit a sacrifice sacrifice to reduce the race, but Eduardo Núñez met her at home three times at the bottom of the seventh to Boston to take control of the cow. Overall, the Dodgers met 10 times, eventually beaten by bullpen Boston Four innings started with Chris Sale and he was responsible for three of the four dropped by Dodgers, who allowed five times with Two walks and seven first-game seven games from ALCS Game 1 against Houston Astros. Los Angeles is now winner of the winner of the Cy Young prize, David Young, to tie the race before the series takes to California. .

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