Borussia Dortmund: But still to tame

Borussia Dortmund: But still to tame
  • Borussia Dortmund lose in the Champions League 0: 2 at Atlético Madrid.
  • The pros and those responsible of BVB take the first defeat under the new coach Lucien Favre but calm.
  • The game reveals how to curb the strong offensive of BVB – which should also interest Bayern, who will play on Saturday in the Bundesliga in Dortmund.

By Felix Meininghaus, Madrid

The football coach Diego Simeone can be a natural event, which is particularly evident in how he suffers when his team plays football. The coach of Atlético Madrid walks through the coaching zone like a tiger in a cage. He yells at his players, animates the audience, and gets excited about the referee's decisions.

All this has a lot of power and leaves an impression on the opponent. Games at the second top club in the Spanish capital are among the hardest things European football has to offer. They know that at Real, Barca, Bayern Munich and now also in Dortmund. Of the 21 home games that Atlético have played in recent years in the Champions League, Simeone's team has conceded 17 times without conceding.

This also succeeded this time, the hosts beat Borussia Dortmund 2-0 (1-0) by hits by Saul Niguez (33) and Antoine Griezmann (80) and celebrated a lesson in clever and thoughtful football. For BVB it was the 16th defeat under Lucien Favre's first defeat. It was one that will not plunge the club into greater concern, as everyone involved plausibly assured. "It was the first defeat, but life goes on," said Captain Marco Reus. And defender Manuel Akanji added: "That can happen to Atlético."

Sebastian Kehl, who has been head of the licensing division for several months, found it "unusual to declare defeat, but it was clear she would come eventually, and she was deserved." That's not really a broken leg, we can live with that. "

"We had the ball in areas where it does not help you"

Coach Favre also seemed relaxed when he appeared at the press conference fifteen minutes after the final whistle: "We have lost to a very, very good team, Atlético has been top in Europe for seven or eight years, we tried to make it but producing too many mistakes, too many ball losses. "

Atlético coach Diego Simeone had almost exuberantly praised BVB before the match. Given the 0-4 in Dortmund, the highest defeat of his term, the Argentine spoke of an opponent, "who is in fantastic shape, they are just one of the best teams in Europe."

Simeone and his comrades had obviously learned the right lessons from the swatter of Dortmund. Atlético acted this time much more compact and left the opponent little room for development. The 90 minutes became an intuition lesson on how to prepare an opponent and then dump him. Atlético let BVB run, leaving him with 68 per cent possession of the ball, and then putting pinpricks that hurt properly.

32 percent possession of the ball were enough for the hosts to score 15 shots and only allow four penalties. Of those, then not one flew on goal, for Borussia Dortmund is the worst value since 2003 in the Champions League data are collected. "We had the ball in areas where it does not help you," analyzed Kehl.

FC Bayern, opponents on Saturday in the Bundesliga, will look at it closely and try to draw the right conclusions. Give the opponent the ball, if he is not in the dangerous zones, condense the spaces and deliver the defensive clock Axel Witsel and Thomas Delaney – so BVB is to come with his enormous offensive force.

"Atlético made the rooms very tight, which was very difficult for us," said Reus. "We have found few solutions." Now it's about dealing with the first defeat of the season properly. In Madrid, Favre refused the question of the top match against Bayern. Kehl spoke of a "learning process for the young team. The anticipation of the German Classico they do not want to be taken in the area by the setback. "Today is Tuesday, there is still plenty of time to prepare for Saturday," says Kehl: "We have a home game and it gets heated."

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By Christof Kneer



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