Boca beat Talleres at La Bombonera

Boca beat Talleres at La Bombonera

Oca got off to a good start in the Superliga 2018/19 by beating Talleres at La Bombonera for the goal that Cristian Pavón scored nine minutes into the first half in a match in which the Guido Herrera goalkeeper held him back Carlos Tevez in the complement.
The goal came after a shot from Pavón just outside the big area after the clearance of Brian Montenegro from a corner in favor of Boca. The striker executed a right hand towards the left side of the goal that was deflected by Leonardo Godoy and ended up overcoming Herrera's resistance.
There was no good football connections in Guillermo's team in the first half but the team reached him with the good level of their individualities. The best play of the match ended with a failed definition of Carlos Tevez. The Naithan Nández began in his own field, continued with the run and the good overflow and center of Leonardo Jara for the Apache to get rid of his marker, the former Boca Juan Cruz Komar, with a pipe of excellence to stay hand hand with goalkeeper Guido Herrera, who narrowed the angle of the definition and then rejected the auction of Carlitos.
The T suffered Boca's early goal but in the more than 35 minutes played after the fall of his fence was unable to hurt an opponent that left him spaces, mainly in defense. The Cordovan team, who starred in an outstanding Super League in the previous season and managed to qualify for the 2019 Cup, came to the complement with better attitude but could not break the Xeneize.
The complement would show a more vertiginous game on the part of both, Boca in its objective to define the marker, and workshops for their intention to harvest even one point, which opened the spaces and offered more than one opportunity for each. The most obvious situation for the local was at the feet of Tevez after 6 minutes of play, when he executed a penalty that Godoy had made to Emmanuel Mas. The Apache executed a shot to average height, on the right of the arquero Guido Herrera, that contained the firing to him. Already at 21 of the final part Carlitos was replaced by Ramón Wanchope Ábila.

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