Boateng's self-criticism to Özil: "We could have made ourselves strong for Mesut"

Boateng's self-criticism to Özil: "We could have made ourselves strong for Mesut"

Jérôme Boateng has once again expressed his regret over the resignation of Mesut Özil from the German national football team and admitted his own failure to deal with his friend at the World Cup. "After the tournament, I realized that we could have done a lot more for Mesut in the team and make ourselves strong for him in public," said Boateng in his new lifestyle magazine BOA.

"It's a pity it did not come to that. We have seen where this has taken us, "added Boateng:" Now a player with a migration background has resigned, our number 10. The team has been given a very different image, although we have struggled for years, not only with the team to play successfully, but also to broadcast a modern image of Germany. "

In retrospect, he would wish that the DFB-selection had criticized the after the Erdogan affair criticized and partially racially insulted Özil as the Swedes did with Jimmy Durmaz, said Boateng. "What the Swedes did was really strong. I had goose bumps. Many others in our team thought so too, "he said.

About a similar action had been "not discussed" with the German team, added the 30-year-old: "Unfortunately. And then we played again. It was all about progress, and because it simply did not work out at all, it was all about how we would win the next game. "

Not only united in success: in 2014 Jerome Boateng (center) and Mesut Özil (right) still celebrated the title together. Next to it is Lukas Podolski.

But the national team, also burdened by the conflict over Özil, failed for the first time in the World Cup preliminary round. Özil then declared his resignation, Boateng went on. On Friday, however, coach Joachim Loew renounced a nomination of the Munich for the annual accounts against Russia (15 November) and the Netherlands (19 November).


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