Posted Wednesday, October 24, 2018 at 06:09
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If Detroit scores sharply at home against Philadelphia (133-132, a.p.), Blake Griffin, author of 50 points (the best personal) and decisive action to the second of the worries.
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Blake Griffin decided 50 points for Detroit on Tuesday. (NBA / Getty Images)

True, way, the basket fault as a bonus, the throw is marked. This is how Blake Griffin finished his monument evening, which gave victory to his Detroit Pistons – second of the anxiety – after playing overtime against Philadelphia (win 133-132, a.p.). On the decisive action, the Six Los Angeles Clippers clearly demonstrated the Sixers, which exploited the defensive confusion between Joel Embiid and Joel Embiid to slide the circle. Robert Covington lost his false attempt, allowing Griffin to score easily, bonus whistle. How final a party has 50 points (20/35 shooting, 14 rebounds and 6 help), a personal record in the key.

Hit the game and-1 with 50 points hit? BLAKE WENT OFF.– SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) October 24, 2018

The Little Caesars Arena audience has done logical diving in a trailer and a few minutes earlier JD Redick (30 pts to 9/21, 6 rbds, 6 ft) was provided on the room by giving visitors three points, Free spending too (from 130-128 to 130-132). Philadelphia was good on this way until the third win this season, despite Ben Simmons there, he touched the back and probably lost Wednesday against Milwaukee. Blake Griffin came against Brett Brown's plans and thus Detroit is keeping a record at the beginning of the season (3v-0d), despite the final effort of Joel Embiid (33 pts to 11/20, 11ft , 7 feet) At 1 & 839 from the siren.

We need to go back to 2015 to see that the Pistons will enjoy their first three games a regular season. This is the last season later that Detroit qualified for the plays.

Of course, he was very pleased to have a weight on the outcome of the game, Griffin did not succeed in tackling a small spike for his sensors, mostly based in Los Angeles: "Two or three years ago, everything I have heard how badly I am. It's a big win, but we have to go on. We have to go to the fourth game of the season. The Sixers Side, players and coaches easily identified better on the inside during the game. "We tried to stop it, but it was incredible, Dario Saric gave him. We tried everything but sometimes it does not work. This success against one of the best conferences of the Eastern Conference offers a good season for the Pistons, whose quality objective for the plays at the end of the regular season is a bit more realistic, especially Blake Griffin from this level .

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