The Buffalo Bills have decided to launch Matt Barkley over eavesdropper Nathan Peterman in the Sunday match against the New York Jets.

Barkley was announced on Saturday as a starter of the Bill, after the team had excluded the rookie quarterback Josh Allen, who will miss his fourth consecutive game because of an elbow injury. The Bills ruled out veteran Derek Anderson for a concussion.

Barkley, which the Bills have signed on October 31, will be the team's fourth quarterback for the past five games. It's the first time since the strike season of 1987 that Buffalo has started four quarterbacks in one season.

"He will have a hard time because [the Jets] I am a good defense and this is a new beginning, "said Bill back. Bill's ran back. LeSean McCoy said Friday that Barkley could possibly start. "We will support him, we will be behind him, I am sure he will have a good game."

A potential match-match of rookie first-timers in Allen against the Jets' Sam Darnold was now Barkley against Josh McCown, who celebrates his 2018 debut for New York. The Jets promoted quarterback Davis Webb from the training team on Saturday, suggesting that Darnold, who is considered unlawful for an infringement, will not play for Sunday's game.

Matt Barkley will be the fourth quarterback for Buffalo this season. Tom Szczerbowski / Getty Images

Barkley said Friday that he shared cuts with Allen and Peterman in training this week, while Anderson could not help himself.

"I know this schedule and a starter need to know," Barkley said.

Coach Sean McDermott said on Monday that Peterman would start if neither Allen nor Anderson could play, but on Friday he was no longer tied to Peterman as a starter.

Peterman started the 41-9 defeat against Sunday Chicago Bears instead of Anderson, who was concerned in the final minutes of a defeat on October 29 against the New England Patriots. Anderson started his second consecutive game instead of Allen, who had sprained his right elbow in a Houston October 14 defeat.

Peterman completed 31 of 49 passes against Chicago for 188 yards, the least in any NFL quarterback since at least 1950. He also threw three interceptions, including one that had returned to the touchdown.

After Peterman started the season as a Bills starter, he threw 13 breaks for 133 career season and postseason pass attempts. He has thrown three career touchdowns and three interceptions that were returned for touchdowns.

Barkley, 28, was the fourth round of the Philadelphia Eagles in 2013. His only career began in 2016 for the Bears. In six starts, he threw eight touchdowns and 14 interceptions.



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