Between Miami, a team that calls soccer stars

Between Miami, a team that calls soccer stars

Inter Miami CF is a great team, its owners' commitment is at least led by David Beckham. The names of the large figures spread in the South Florida team environment, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo, Gerard Piqué and Falcao Garcia, show five of the stars that can be reflected on the sunset.
Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Wayne Rooney are already playing in the US League, in fact they are celebrating their first season in the MLS. David Beckham has both friends and there is no secret for anyone that the theme of living in the Miami city has an extra likelihood with any world-wide footballer. Ibra plays & # 39; along with Beckham at PSG in France, and Rooney is a great friend of the English star and shared fantastic moments.
The theme of Cristiano Ronaldo announced from the first moment in which the Inter Miami decision was announced, the Portuguese team left Real Madrid for Juventus after no one was thinking of it, and that the United States followed one step at one of the biggest football players in history.
Gerard Piqué Catalan could go through other questions, apart from football, without any secret, and that his wife Shakira, who lives in Miami, is one of the wishes of both, indeed each Once they spend time in South Florida.
Although Falcao could end his call to become a Columns icon in Inter Miami, because there is a large number of coffee farmers in South Florida thereafter and that the Colombian team captain will be hitting the media for the new MLS team.
The only issue that Marvelo Claure, capitalist David Beckham's partner, is not saying that the Bolivian entrepreneur has indicated that they would not interfere with players in Miami, but the fact is that the team must media captions and international size figures can be guaranteed to be a tourist attraction, the main market to be found and the residents who will wait for the team every week.

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