Bayern: Niko Kovac and the Trojan Mole

Bayern: Niko Kovac and the Trojan Mole
  • With the Champions League match against AEK Athens and the Bundesliga duel against Borussia Dortmund FC Bayern is facing a difficult week.
  • Public support from the club for coach Niko Kovac was not heard last.
  • The problem is obvious: Nobody leads the coach from the executive floor, who is therefore difficult for the demanding characters in the team to do, which is why the team does not lead itself.

The beard is off! Niko Kovac, 47, is sitting on the press podium in the arena before the Champions League match against AEK Athens, and he will gladly accept that he leaves the following impression: he looks young again, he looks fresh again, and he seems optimistic, right? Good thing, too, that the corsair beard seems to have been taken off of his own free will and not because of some Instagram post by any player woman. Whether Kovac reacted to public opinion with the shave, he did not say, but of course he noticed: that people have last seen his face as a crisis face and that they do not regard the honorable gray in his beard as honorable gray in his Beard, but as an expression of deeper concern.

Okay, so Niko Kovac is quite optimistic sitting there on Tuesday with his best mood face. The success of these measures was, however, only that the first questioner wanted to know whether it could be that Kovac just go into his last week as Bayern coach. Inwardly, the coach may have grown a very gray beard at that moment, outwardly he remained casual and said, "That's a tough question." And then he said, analogously, that he was only concerned with the game against Athens.

"Everyone just has to bring five percent more"

First Athens, then Dortmund: Niko Kovac has as Bayern coach a decisive week ahead of him. He explains how it is to go up – Joshua Kimmich calls against it: eggs.

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The Bayern play on Wednesday so against Athens and on Saturday at Borussia Dortmund, where in the event of a defeat threatens a seven-point deficit. Not only the Bayern play against Athens and Dortmund, Kovac also play against them. Although President Uli Hoeness said a few weeks ago that he would defend the coach "like a one" and "to the point"; but first, as I said a few weeks ago, and secondly, you have not heard much of this defense so far. Well, the Bavarians have organized this legendary on-the-face conference, to which they have invited all reporters, although they actually wanted to announce the fight only Springer-Verlag. This event could be interpreted with good will as support for the coach, because there was a classic we-there-in-there-outside-Wagenburg built and Kovac still belongs to those in there.

But any concrete sentence last supporting the coach? No one recalled.

The support of the bosses was "internally absolutely there," Kovac said on Tuesday, "we talk regularly." Whether this should also be made publicly "should or must", added the coach, over it one can discuss – a shy Nachsatz, which suggests that Kovac would not defend itself against public support very much. "It's like in the family too: if it holds together, it's easy, if not, it's diverging," he said then, meaning to his players as well: "We have to make sure we do not let it out."

So far everything was somehow interpretable, what the beardless trainer said there. But then came this one sentence. Kovac said, "There have been enough examples in history, whether it was Troy, whether it was Caesar, we need to stick together, from the attendant to the coach."

What did the coach want to say? Was it betrayal in his comparison? Was it about lost world empires and why FC Bayern is one too? Or does Kovac have knowledge that Caesar employed a teammate who screwed in the tunnels?


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