Bundesliga "Much headache" Lewandowski speaks about Bayern's deficit in the table at 10:20 am. Reading time: 3 minutes The video could not be played.
Try again later. From the "little bite" with the world star Robert Lewandowski. It's superstar. Bayern's winner career began in Warsaw. He was called out because of his Bobek physical shortcomings – a little bite. After the crisis week, the theater explains at the annual general meeting, the dispute between Hoeneß and Breitner Lewandowski goal scorer how the turnover could work. Curious Comment on the Kovac coach makes one sit and he will notify it. The big Bayern blues have erased the cache, including a nine-point deficit on the Borussia Dortmund leaders, it seems to have ended. And after the Selbstzerfleischung days, as the last Annual General Meeting visited, it was likely that the announcements were sometimes the battle. Sample Bayern FC attacker Robert Lewandowski. The 30-year-old team has a special opportunity in Bundesliga's uncommon roles to his Munich team. "Sometimes it's not bad if you're attacking from the second set. We now like the hunter," Lewandowski said the "Bild" newspaper. Lewandowski: "More about stress" Before the 14th day, the BVB will lead the board to seven points before Borussia Mönchengladbach. And even RB Leipzig has a point behind FC Bayern in third place. "We have always looked forward in recent years," Lewandowski continues, "when you see that there is a person in front of you – that means you have more energy. You want to do better for this team leave. "Uli Hoeneß on aggressive transfer policy and Niko Kovac Could not play the video.
Try again later. Uli Hoeneß honors himself in a fan club in Kersbach and the audience faces the general general meeting. Of course, Bayern FC is a big issue. As a hunter, it is easier to attack from behind, not the first person to look at the attacks from the west. Especially if you do not have the experience, "emphasized Lewandowski and thus speaks The Bundesliga table is a big deal with the club's backlog in the table easily. Read also When asked if the role of the work could still be useful because the tension is still higher, responding to the 30 years of age: "Of course, there is a lot of illness heads. If you know that you have to fight correctly in the Bundesliga, the Cup and the Champions League, then it's just 20 points ahead and focusing on the Champions League only. even, "said Lewandowski," the tension is tall. "President Uli Hoeness, chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and the training team that Niko Kovac can assess the same, can be suspicious. In particular, Kovac's coach head is 47 years old but a statement by Lewandowski should want irritation. Lewandowski: "In this way, Kovac can get better" "In general, you need time when a new coach comes," says the Polish striker. "The coach tried to change things when things were not working out. It's different because of data." And Lewandowski's strange arrangement now says: "This insight does not reflect the weakness. That is the only way in which he could be a better coach. "A work certificate seems rather a child – he always wanted to do within the limits of his possibilities … Uli Hoeneß says the criticism of fans and" makers "Paul Breitner Could not play the video.
Try again later. Uli Hoeneß must contribute to the annual general meeting of FC Bayern Munich. He now defends the president and the FCB's attacks again from the Paul Breitner. , The


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