Bayern Munich II: Fully resilient

Bayern Munich II: Fully resilient

The U23 of Bayern builds with a 3: 0 against Memmingen their championship lead. And that, although the players are currently in use almost non-stop.

On Friday evening, Jonathan Meier sat on the bench in the Berlin Olympic Stadium. And although the 18-year-old defender of Bayern was not used in the defeat of the professionals against Hertha BSC, his weekend may be described as quite exhausting. After all, Meier took in the morning after nine o'clock a plane earlier back to Munich, so he would also arrive safely at 14 clock to kick off the regional league match of the U23 against FC Memmingen in Grünwalder Stadium. That worked fine. "And he also played well," said his coach Holger Seitz. Meier was in full swing right from the start when he started the first chance of the match. Kwasi Wriedt took advantage of this to 1: 0 (7), in the end celebrated the front runner a never endangered 3: 0 (3: 0) success. Although the second half remained boring for long stretches and the Bavarians showed little will to make the result even higher, Seitz spoke afterwards of a "correct reaction". A week earlier, his team had the TSV 1860 Rosenheim the first defeat of the season – and some criticism – plug.

Especially the young players in the squad of U23 are currently very popular. Head coach Niko Kovac does not shy away from regularly inviting Bundesliga inexperienced players to his squad – in part, of course, due to the fact that there are injuries to all positions. For example, 19-year-old Woo-yeong Jeong is in high demand. And showed on Saturday again, why: In the 19th minute he succeeded after worthwhile presentation of Maximilian Welzmüller the 2: 0, in the 32nd minute, the winger had already decided everything with his second goal (and his fifth goal of the season). He has been traveling a lot, he is quick and purposeful, he absorbs everything, and he already understands a lot of German, "says Seitz about the South Korean, who came to Munich less than a year ago. The submission to 3: 0, in turn, had given Maximilian Franzke. "Its development has long been indicated in training, now it is also visible in the game," says Seitz. Also Franzke is only 19 years old, in the past season he had only a brief use in the regional league. The concept of using many younger talents in the U23 seems to work out. After all, the Bayern have with five 19-year-olds and three 18 -year-olds in the starting XI at the weekend to expand their lead again, after the second Wacker Burghausen had lost at home against Schweinfurt 0: 2. Heavy, however, weighs the injury of the maxim Awoudja, who will probably fail with a crack of syndesmosis until the winter break. The defender had not played in the starting eleven again until September after an injury, but had to be replaced early last weekend in Rosenheim.

After finishing work, Jonathan Meier looked as though he did not care much for the many traveling companies. After the 3-0 victory against Memmingen he also had a joke on his lips. "You can book me," he said in light of the past days and weeks when he's about to earn a regular frequent flyer status.

And not only is he bookable. On Tuesday (18 clock, FC Bayern Campus) is the first home game in the Youth League. As already out of Benfica at Lisbon (0: 3), where Meier also played, it will again give shots to the team of Sebastian Hoeneß. Who exactly this time in the U-19 competition in the squad stand, Seitz could not say on Sunday.

It is questionable whether the many declarations to the pros and to the U19, the officially declared goal of promotion is not in danger. At the start of the week, not too many players are available for the coaching team, and the next match is scheduled for next Friday in Heimstetten. The problem of not being able to prepare properly had already been criticized by Seitz's predecessor Tim Walter. But after the 3-0 over Memmingen Seitz was confident that it was the 2: 3 in Rosenheim "only one of these days" acted. So one of those, where nothing works.


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