Bayern: Kimmich as once Kahn

Bayern: Kimmich as once Kahn
  • Against Freiburg played Joshua Kimmich unhappy on the position in midfield. He himself speaks of his "worst game since I am with Bayern".
  • But he will almost certainly come back against Athens. He is exempt from the rotation of the trainer.
  • Before the game, he asks of his teammates the right attitude.

Among the many famous quotes in the history of FC Bayern is responsible for at least one of the goalkeeper Oliver Kahn. It was in the season 2003/2004, the FC Bayern should not be the champion in the end exceptionally, as Kahn spoke after a 0-2 in Schalke in front of the TV camera, as is usually talked only in football cabs. It should be a simple explanation, it should shake up his colleagues. It was a sentence that only Kahn, at that time 34, shaggy and indisputable, was allowed to say: "Eggs, we need eggs."

Joshua Kimmich wore a not very shaggy mustache on Tuesday, which did not change the fact that he looked very 23 years old. And then he said to the state of FC Bayern, the current third in the 2018/2019 season, it is necessary in these not so easy days that, "I say now, with eggs into play".

Bayern needs brains

Debates about late substitutions and bland offensive play drive the Munich – now it is against Athens and BVB. Are the Bayern and their coach Niko Kovac before the main week of the season?

By Sebastian Fischer, Christopher Gerards and Martin Schneider

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Kimmich was so far one of the few constants in the Munich team this season, he was not affected by the rotation of the coach Niko Kovac, only in the cup match at the fourth division SV Rödinghausen he played not even 90 minutes long. But when Kovac put him on Saturday in the face of injury to midfielder Thiago not as usual as a full-back, but as a six, as it used to do also coach Joachim Loew, something happened that had not seen since the World Cup in Russia: Kimmich made mistakes. He lost many duels. He contributed to the fact that Bayern played only 1: 1 against Freiburg.

But as he talked about the podium before the game of Munich in the Champions League against Athens, as he put the complicated situation of the record champions in clear words, was still the thought that Kimmich may say something like that. The Bavarians have a lot of almost and long 34-year-olds in the squad – but their status is much more controversial.

The game against Freiburg was his "worst game in the three and a half years since I'm with Bayern," said Kimmich. "Sure, I do not want to repeat such a performance as on Saturday, no matter what position I play in, it gets better." And when he was asked if he might need a break because he did not seem to have played something against Freiburg, Kimmich agreed that he had not prepared as many goals as in the previous season and that missing the "peaks" in his performance curve. But ultimately Kimmich said firmly: no. "Physically I'm really great."

It sounded as if someone was planning to stand on the square with all the necessary parts of the body against Athens. And if you listened carefully, it sounded like he was asking his colleagues too. Every player must be aware of his or her responsibility for the success of the club.

Incidentally, Niko Kovac has not ruled out putting Kimmich back in midfield. And he said that such a self-critical professional is well on the way to becoming "a big guy." Since this is not self-evident: Kovac sounded as if he was very sure.

Niko Kovac and the Trojan Mole

Failure to provide assistance at all levels: Before the game against Athens, coach Niko Kovac has to accept the question of whether he still has enough support from the responsible and the team.

By Christof Kneer



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