Bayern in the Champions League: With Bavarian realities to Dortmund

Bayern in the Champions League: With Bavarian realities to Dortmund
  • The FC win against Athens 2-0 in the Champion League, but the team is still not in good shape before the duel at BVB.
  • Uli Hoeness speaks extensively before the reporters – he even confused the current standings of his club.

From the stadium of Matthias Schmid

Who listens to Uli Hoeness these days while talking a little more attentive, is behind the inevitable question, who now who confused more with his public performances: The President of FC Bayern the professionals or the professionals of FC Bayern their president? The answer to this question can not be given even after the safe but unconvincing 2-0 in the Champions League on Wednesday evening against AEK Athens. Both sides provided arguments that speak for both the one and the other point of view.

To find out how strained it gets at Bayern, was an actually harmless sentence ("I'll say something later") of Hoeness in the basement of the arena after the game to arouse excitement among the journalists present, as if Donald Trump just about Twitter the world over banned the coverage of himself.

Like the US President, Hoeneß likes to construct his own reality. When he returned in a red-and-white scarf and built himself stateside in front of the microphones and cameras, one did not really know whether the 66-year-old was serious about what he was saying – or if he was simply just the people wanted to entertain well.

2: 0 against black and yellow in harmless

Bayern coach Niko Kovac hopes for a game that "opens the knot" – and gets thanks to two Lewandowski goals 2-0 against Athens. The emergency is still ahead of the team.

From the stadium of Claudio Catuogno

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His team thought he was in the lead all the time in the second place, when someone then friendly, but definitely pointed out that Bayern are third in the league, asked Hoeneß back astonished. "Does Gladbach have more points than us?" After a second or two of reflection, he added, "What do I care about the goal difference on the tenth game day?"

With the game against AEK Athens, neither Hoeneß nor his players wanted to spend a long time, there is a much bigger game ahead of Borussia Dortmund this Saturday. But there would have been deeper questions after the lackluster Champions League appearance. The Bayern came back very clumsy in the game, the first half had even been quite unsightly, because it again failed to overcome playful deficits. The forward momentum, sophistication and precision to score four, five goals against a harmless opponent like Athens are still missing.

One of the faces of the Bayern fanatic is Franck Ribéry, who runs like a sad, old knight against his enemies because he still believes to be as invulnerable as in earlier times. Although all Bayern players played livelier in comparison to the exhausted appearance against Freiburg (1-1), but the victory was the result of two dormant balls and not by pretty well-played actions. First, Robert Lewandowski transformed in the first half of a due to him foul penalty (31), which actually preceded no foul, and then follow in the second after a corner kick with an artistic kung-fu kick in the style of Jackie-Chan the second goal to let (71.).


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