– First defeat at a home opener since 1988: Robert Morris.


– Beetle Bolden did everything in the warm-up preparations before the game.

– Derek Culver was also in warmups.

– Senator Joe Manchin is here. I was caught behind him in the hall. He had a mixed reception.

– Appetizers: Bolden, Harler, West, Ahmad and Konate.

First half

– The first shot of the WVU is a missed Ahmad 3. The first basket is a West 3.

— Oh boy. Konate shows at the top of the key and makes a 3. Buffalo turns it over. West makes a corner 3 and gets fouled. He hits the free throw and it's 10: 2. Konate should not be able to do that.

– Coarse debut in the regular season for Jordan McCabe. Will miss the defense and Buffalo beats a kickout 3. A 3 behind a screen is missing. Gets his rebound, gets bothered and kicks the ball out of play. "This is not a high school boy," roars a man at 16:35.

– Brandon Knapper moves to McCabe and scores a 3. The WVU leads 13-5 and is 4: 7 from a 3-point area and 0: 1 for a 2-point area.

– Ahmad is 0-for-3 with sales and Buffalo believes it can drive him. He is pulled.

– Make these two Ahmad sales. Chase Harler saves him with a charger … in a circle and probably moves too. Harler injured his back in the preseason.

– Buffalo has just fallen over. WVU can not stop the inside and Buffalo is not missing outside. It is 13-12.

– The WVU has sales of four straight assets.

– At 12:38 WVU has a 2-pointer.

– Gordon triple threats from the elbow, moves and pulls a shooting foul. The foul-line is 1: 2, but I need a second. That was also a break.

– Bolden has tried to reach Gordon in high post. It's stolen Gordon comes back and blocks a praise pass from the back wall.

– Ahmad does not love himself. Sales. Defense. No. 2 does not consider Ahmad a defender.

– Many one-pass or even no-pass shots. Defensive rotations are not that great.

– Yes, the WVU can not stop or catch the ball.

– Gordon threatens the bank three times.

– Both teams missed 9 of 10 shots. Buffalo leads 20-16.

– WVU is 1-for-7 from the 2-point range and 4-for-13 from the 3-point range. The Buffalo leadership is only 22-18.

– Buffalo falls apart. It seems certain that the Bulls within the 3-point line have a chance to go where they want, but they always take 3s. The WVU has taken five shots. Three are 3s. The lead is 31-26.

– It took WVU 12:18 to get 18 points. It's the last 9:42.

– Buffalo lets Boldon get a screen and drives to the left. The left-hander with the bad left hand made a left-hander just before the buzzer. WVU leads halfway to 38: 30 and has, so we can agree, not played well. But the cops are not. However, the WVU started with 5 out of 20 points to 8 out of 10 points. Buffalo … not.


– Buffalo is 7:19 for dunks / layups. Why Buffalo took 17 3s is a mystery.

Second half

– WVU is the first with a 10-point lead. This is usually good enough to win a game. But last year was not normal. Remember, 21-5 if you lead by 10 and some stunning defeats in these five defeats.

– The WVU leads the U-16 timeout 49-36, and I'm not confident that Buffalo is back in double digits.

– Knapper, Haley, Ahmad, Harris and Konate are difficult to pass or dribble. It was fun to watch.

– Buffalo's Harris is pretty good. In the first half, he was 2-10 / 0-5 and looked a bit shy in the second half – he had actually taken a shot. After the timeout under 12 years, he scores with a sentence.

– Lamont West and One promptly on the other end, and it's 59-50.

– Each team currently has an answer to the other team, but a Konate 3 (he's 3 for 4) puts the lead back into the double-digit range. It is 68-56.

– Buffalo Harris loses and takes a step in 3.

– Bolden has the last eight points of the WVU – a layup, a three and three free throws – and the lead is 79:69 and 4:43 clock.

– Konate has just caught a badly shot ball one foot in front of the edge. The official Joe DeRosa called it a gate … and it was not even close.

– Konate ran in the transition and fell. No contact or anything. Get up and pull his knee forward. He helped back.

– Well, Buffalo CJ Massinburg is burning now. The Bulls stand up and he makes 3s. Back-to-back bombs shorten the lead to 81-79 with 2:55.

– Massinburg: 9-18 / 7-13 / 6-6 for 31 points.

– Opponents who scored at least 30 points in the Coliseum in the years of Huggins: Dominique Jones (USF), Will Walker (DePaul), Andrew Wiggins (Kansas) and Kevin Knox (Kentucky).

– Bolden is out. At the last dead ball he injured his knee, and McCabe and Trey Doomes had to help him back.

– Ahmad makes two free throws and the WVU comes to a halt, as Harler does well to stay with Massinburg and force a hard shot in traffic.

– Bolden was missing at the next ownership. Knapper is in and he misses a deep 3 when the firing point approaches zero.

– And Buffalo Harris missed out on a wide open 3rd good time out for Buffalo, who was called by the WVU here. WVU leads 84-79 with 1:15 before the end.

– Buffalo's Harris strikes a pump-and-drive lay-up over Konate, whose elevator seems to shut down. Ahmad dribbles and loses the ball, and Buffalo gains possession. It's 84-81, 31.8 seconds before the end.

– WVU guards. Buffalo misses a 3 from a man who was 1-5 / 0-2. I think, nobody expected that? Deadball rebound to Buffalo, but we'll go to the rating.

– Massinburg hits a 30-foot foot 30 seconds before the finish. Nobody expected The.

– WVU tries to post Konate. Knapper can not trigger it. West is missing a 3 at Summer. Over time.

Over time

– Ahmad with a passport where he would find Konate. Ahmad has 10 points in 3 or 11 shooting to achieve six envelopes and six rebounds. He did not throw that half back.

– This is a collapse without Bolden.

– Massinburg has nine 3s. Tamar Slay is the only other WVU opponent to do that.

– Fifth opponent scoring 40 or more goals in Morgantown.

– Trey Doomes does not get in, Traevon Horton does not.

– The WVU drops 0-1 points in games to 0-1.

– No one in the history of WVU basketball has ever done the mountaineers what Massinburg did: 43 points, 14 rebounds and nine 3s.


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