Barça, Nollag Graët room Ousmane Dembélé on his delays

Barça, Nollag Graët room Ousmane Dembélé on his delays

President of F.F.F. He was pleasing to the young striker of Barça, and his declaration on his declaration in Spain is commented on. The current moment in Spain said that due to the lack of alleged intense in terms of punctuality, Ousmane Dembélé goes through a very difficult period after the first year already complicated in Catalonia.
His agent, Moussa Sissoko, the young world champion, has been successful on RMC Sports Monday night, but continues to comment on his situation and habits. The article below follows
Therefore, the president of the FFF, Christmas Le Graët, was a bit enjoyable during Renni's post, this Tuesday, to withdraw RMC. "We showed the World Cup replica parties to get home in the next couple of days, and then I was watching, and when I brought it to Dembélé, I told him," Do not forget this watch & # 39; But it's a hell player, & said the manager.
"It's non-natural that it's late, it happens, it's a bit small with a little, isolated, little boy," continued Le Graët. "In the French team, it's not late … In any case, this afternoon, it was not." It's not a detail, it's good for manners, that it makes a little bit of friends But when I look at the player, I think it's amazing.
This Monday, Didier Deschamps has sent a direct message to his player. "I did not trade with Barça staff because I do not interfere with the daily life of the clubs, they intend to manage the players as they see, Ousmane, it has been with us for a while, it is usual in relation to delays Certainly, because of their defense, he says: "I'm not the only one, but in a club or in a choice, he must pay attention to those requirements that are part of the high level He is a young player, but I do not despair that he is aware that this will be improved, these are the possible cases that can be rebuilt, and the sooner that he understands is best for everyone, "he said. Coach of the Blues. .

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