Badminton: Rise in sight

Badminton: Rise in sight

Badminton second division TSV Neuhausen-Nymphenburg is already early enteilt the competition. The goal of the drop-off is clear.

It was an encounter at eye level and the first real challenge for the second division squad of TSVNeuhausen-Nymphenburg in the current season – with the better end for the badminton team from Munich. It defeated the 1st BC Saarbrücken-Bischmisheim II in a high-class, dramatic match 5: 2. Neuhausen built so shortly before the end of the first round of his lead as leaders of the second division South on seven points before the current Second Schorndorf. From 24 points previously possible, the Neuhauser took 23 and sat down from their biggest competitor Bischmisheim (15 points and now only third) on. His stated goal, the immediate resurgence in the first division, is the last season relegated TSV so much closer.

However, Neuhausen's team manager Philipp Blonck does not want to deal with the ever more likely championship and participation in the playoff round in April next year. For him it is "much more important at first that we play as seriously in the second half as in the first round". Even the weaker second division are too strong, as that one could switch back against them a gear, warns Blonck. The manager pays his players "a big compliment" for the fact that they have "always well prepared and with full concentration" in the home-won games against clearly weaker opponents such as Jena, Dillingen or Geretsried. And yet, perhaps just the reason that begs the question: Would the TSV squad in its current lineup again in a position to survive in the first division?

The game last Sunday against Bischmisheim, which has some top German players in its ranks, gave some insight. So Neuhausen's new number one Misha Zilberman, number 44 in the individual world rankings, got in Simon Wang a counterparty who demanded everything. Wang is currently Germany's best player in the age group U22 and was already in the lead against Zilberman in the fifth set – until the Israeli thanks to his class was able to win the finish very thinly with 12:10. "Zilberman just came from a tournament in Beijing and seemed a bit tired after winning the first two sets," Blonck told his showpiece player.

"I plan with all our players for the next season," says the team manager

Somewhat tired from the narrowly scored five-set thriller in the mixed (on the side of Natalya Voytsekh) also worked Tobias Wadenka, who met in the second single on the former German champions and international Marcel Reuter. Although this time Wadenka conceded a relatively clear defeat (7:11, 9:11, 9:11), the Neuhauser has already proved his first division opportunity last season by strong appearances in the top single. This also applies to Neuhausen's first men's doubles Fabian Holzer / Przemyslaw Szydlowski, which had taken some time before it complemented perfectly on the court and was able to record the first successes in the upper house. On Sunday they scored a strong performance again in their narrow five-match win against the top pair Marcel Reuter / Simon Wang from Bischmisheim.

That the Ukrainian Voytsekh, in the first division especially in the singles a points guarantee for the TSV, their double with Kaja Stankovic against Bischmisheim clearly lost, was also in the class of the opponents: Franziska Volkmann and Cisita Jansen belong according to Blonck at least to the extended German top. On the other hand, Bulgarians Krasimir Jankov (with Zilberman in doubles) and Kaja Stankovic (against first-class veteran Ann-Katrin Hippchen) won against Bischmisheim. The ripening test for the TSV was therefore positive.

"I plan with all our players and players for the next season," reveals Blonck already at this time. Neither of them had his remaining dependent on TSV relaunching in the first division. A reinforcement of the cadre is therefore not an issue for him, at least not now. In the currently not operational because of a disease Manuel Heumann Blonck can fall back in January on another proven regular in doubles.


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