Badminton: Playful against boredom

Badminton: Playful against boredom

After the descent, the TSV Neuhausen has set right at the top of the table in the second division. At the weekend there are two derbies.

Munich – The badminton flew over Przemyslaw Szydlowski quickly and unreachably high, the Pole could only look behind – but then he managed a cabinet bit: In running backwards to the net, he played the ball through his legs. His partner Fabian Holzer shook his head in disbelief, the local audience cheered – the double of TSV Neuhausen-Nymphenburg actually made that point. A little later, the duo's 11: 5, 11: 8 and 11: 9 win against the Dillinger pairing Berchtenbreiter / Ames was confirmed, and in the end the hosts won this second league match a week ago with 6: 1.

Last season, when the Munich played in the first Badminton Bundesliga, they could not have entered so many points as easily and playfully as since the season opener in early September, a class lower. Neuhausen is in the lead after three games and three clear wins, with a match balance of 20: 1. Fabian Holzer, 26, enjoys being able to set the tone as the more extroverted player of his formation, but his four-year-old Polish partner has now gained in class and maturity. "I see myself more as a worker on the court, it just looks like I'm the dominant player of both of us," Holzer analyzes.

A year ago, when the double specialist and former national player had just moved to TSV Neuhausen-Nymphenburg, the starting point was more difficult for him. Since he had just become German team champion with the TV Refrath and got used to victories, he suddenly had to cope with the struggle for survival in a relegation candidate. Although Holzer is a fighter par excellence, he managed in the first time with high-profile foreigners occupied first men's doubles with Szydlowski initially no victory. First successes in the House of Lords came only when the German-Polish duo was perfectly matched. But shortly thereafter, the adventure was first league for the club over.

Holzer now knows from experience that the differences between the first and the second Bundesliga are great. "The pace of the balls is much lower in the second league and concentration errors will forgive much more here," says Holzer. Unlike in the first division, which is occupied in almost all positions with professionals, there are in the second numerous players who operate their sport "only semi-professional". But those who think that the morale, the concentration and also the training effort of the Neuhauser has become correspondingly lower, will be taught in light of the previous second division matches a better. The players are as motivated and well-trained as in league one, the team spirit and the fun factor are according to Holzer's words optimal. "Everyone is there three hours before the meeting and helps to build the nets and prepare the pitches," he notes pleased. Team manager Philipp Blonck, he attests a "good hand" in dealing with and the selection of players for his squad. That's why the architectural student, who will finish his studies at the end of the current semester, wants to play for Neuhausen next season, if that fits in with his professional career.

Holzer trains "two or three times a week", he says, the training is even more fun than before, because he can make it himself now more free and divide than his Erstligazeiten. Of course, that does not change anything with the clear goal of resurgence. "We are preparing as well as in the first division and we want to win every game," he says. "For the psyche, it has become even more exhausting," he adds. Because one should not succumb to the fallacy, "that everything now goes by itself". Rather, it is important to go ambitiously and motivated into every encounter of the new and to not let a sense of boredom even arise.

That should succeed this weekend. On Saturday (15 clock) comes local rivals TSV Neubiberg / Ottobrunn, but the neighbor is without a point at the bottom of the table. The ride on Sunday is hardly longer, as it goes to newly promoted TuS Geretsried (12.30 clock).


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